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Renewable Energy Asset Monitoring Solutions

Maintaining uptime in the renewable energy industry is essential for ensuring a reliable, sustainable, and resilient energy supply, supporting economic growth and addressing environmental challenges. However, renewables face a range of policy uncertainties and implementation challenges, particularly those relating to downtime mitigation and grid integration.

Take Control of Your Assets with Breaker Performance Monitors from Dynamic Ratings

High voltage circuit breakers are critical to the safety and effective operation of the electrical system. A circuit breaker must react quickly when a fault occurs to isolate fault currents from the rest of the system. While much attention is given to the monitoring of transformer conditions, circuit breakers are by far the largest contributor to the occurrence of substation events.

The LIFESTREAM® Difference

Through continuous improvement initiatives, Dynamic Ratings prides itself on becoming ingrained in our clients’ business processes, creating opportunities for improvement in asset management which are themselves identified through feedback loops, post-implementation reviews, and the incorporation of best practices to enhance overall efficiency. One of our flagship services, LIFESTREAM® allows for holistic lifecycle management throughout the entire run of your assets, from procurement and installation to operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning or replacement. This ensures optimal utilization and value extraction from assets.

Your Complete Online Bushings Monitoring Solution Starts Here

In the utilities industry, bushings are essential components connecting transformers to the grid, and monitoring their health is essential for maximizing uptime and reducing damage to equipment and danger to workers. With the launch of the Bushings Health Monitor+ (or BHM+) from Dynamic Ratings, utilities stakeholders now have access to an all-in-one asset monitoring solution uniquely positioned for voltage reference and sum of currents reporting in the same monitor.

The Flexibility of DynamicMetrix® On Display

Simply put, DynamicMetrix® is the ideal way to manage data from various assets in one flexible dashboard. DynamicMetrix® improves productivity and efficiency for the management of transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and other power assets — sophisticated devices with an immense amount of valuable data that should never be compromised.