Switchgear Monitors | Waveform Capture | Partial Discharge

Switchgear Monitors

Medium voltage switchgear is critical to the design of a safe and reliable electrical power system. Switchgear monitors provide data to help make sure the switchgear is functioning properly. Switchgear provides overcurrent protection for critical power systems and acts as an isolation point for electrical equipment maintenance. Switchgear is critical to the performance of the whole power system and must be maintained in an optimal state of performance. Learn more about switchgear monitoring here.

  • Smart waveform capture technology
  • Gas monitoring for SF6 and dry air
  • Trip coil integrity monitoring
  • Interrupter condition
  • Cabinet heater monitoring
  • Environmental condition monitoring
  • and more
  • Continuous partial discharge monitoring
  • Can be used with a SWGM for complete switchgear monitoring