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DynamicMetrix®: Data Driven Approach to Asset Management

DynamicMetrix® is a dashboard visualization tool to manage data from transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and more. This software helps utilities collect and use condition monitoring information from their high voltage electrical equipment to improve business performance.

The flexibility of this system offers unparalleled, cost-effective, asset management. DynamicMetrix® is able to aggregate data not only from Dynamic Ratings monitors, but also from third party devices, seamlessly integrating readings and data into one easily viewable solution. Using web-based technology, our product is designed to provide easily understandable information about asset status and health at a glance, whether it be current, historical and/or lab data.

DynamicMetrix Geospatial View

Geospatial Views

Help the maintenance and planning teams prioritize and consolidate schedules by viewing assets on a map along with their corresponding Concerns Index rating indicating which assets may require service or replacement.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Knowledge and awareness is critical to efficient asset management. Get a close view of the condition of all your asset details including performance, maintenance history, current loading, alarms, and more. This view is easily accessible in one place. Empower your operations team with the ability to maximize performance by dynamically rating assets without sacrificing life span or health.

Transformer Alarm History
Top Oil Temperature Trending Chart

Real Time Performance Analysis

Improve reliability and recommend corrective actions before a potential failure occurs by viewing real time performance and trends over time. DynamicMetrix® polls data from multiple Dynamic Ratings monitors continuously using SFTP eliminating the need for SCADA based protocol point mapping.

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DynamicMetrix® Dashboard Options

DynamicMetrix® Desktop DynamicMetrix® Fleet
Asset Monitor Management Tool: Connect to your Dynamic Ratings monitor to view data and perform diagnostics of assets.
Software Usage Free Licensed
Partial Discharge and Bushing Data: Ability to trend PD and bushing data, including view of phase resolved PD data.
Concerns Index: An analysis of the health of the asset which may identify potential issues which allows prioritization of maintenance.
Geospatial Mapping: Map view of customer assets (where GPS coordinates are provided and requires online access).
Real Time Data: Display data instantaneously from your Dynamic Ratings monitor as changes occur.
Automated Data Retrieval: System connects to monitoring equipment and downloads/retrieves data automatically.
Role Based Access: Users have assigned roles (e.g. Administrator, Asset Manager, Maintenance Tech) that determine the functionality for the logged in user.

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