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IoT Camera Sensor

The Dynamic Ratings IoT Camera Sensor dramatically increases the breadth of monitoring by enabling the capture of any visual indications. Couple easily deployable image capture with advanced image classification tools (including AI and machine learning) and the reach of monitoring is easily extended without having to install additional intrusive sensors. Measure fluid or gas levels by using the existing mechanical indicators – no need to install costly sensors that introduce the risk of leaks!  

Integrated Wireless Communications

With secure integrated wireless communications utilizing cellular or LoRaWAN technologies, the Camera Sensor eliminates the need to manage a separate communication backhaul architecture or run expensive communication cabling to the monitored location. This makes the ConnectGridCamera Sensor the fastest and easiest to way to expand monitoring into new areas that were otherwise cost prohibitive before. 

Built for Rapid Non-Intrusive Installation 

The Camera Sensor is a battery-operated sensor (up to 10 years) that requires no field wiring for installation. Most mounting kits are available with magnetic features so that no drilling or cutting is required for installation. The typical installation requires a quick clean of the monitored surface (e.g. gauge glass), stick-on magnetic installation of the Camera Sensor, then a quick check on a mobile app or web page to ensure the image is being captured correctly. 

Camera Sensor Flexible Design

Designed for Flexibility

Thanks to the evolving technologies around image recognition and classification, the  sensor has been designed to be quickly adapted to new applications. Whether it’s a mounting bracket for a new type of visual indicator, or a lighting system to capture switch positions in a dark cabinet, the sensor can be quickly deployed to solve new problems. The more complex conversion of images to meaningful data is performed at the software headend which enables modern processing tools to be used that can convert images into numbers, rates of change and alerts. If there’s any question about the veracity of the data, a quick check of the original image allows for human validation. 

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