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Switchgear Monitoring Made Easy

Switchgear is a key asset in the substation and is links directly to the reliability of the power supply. The Switchgear Monitor (SWGM) provides continuous online condition-based monitoring for switchgear. It is easy to implement and will increase reliability, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Improving System Reliability with Switchgear Monitoring

The failure of critical assets leads to unplanned outages, lost revenue and potential worker safety concerns. Medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers are by far the largest contributor to substation events, and switchgear misoperation often identifies as the root cause of transformer and other equipment failures.

Without monitoring, equipment operators must rely on cyclic maintenance and offline testing to determine switchgear conditions. The ability to properly maintain switchgear through time-based maintenance is becoming less effective because of aging infrastructure, decreasing operating budgets and a decline in specialists.

Dynamic Ratings Switchgear Monitor is the most comprehensive switchgear monitoring solution available. Continuous monitoring provides a real-time look into the condition of your assets which leads to increased reliability.

Online Monitoring in the Substation
Switchgear Monitor Waveforms USE

Switchgear Monitor Provides Easy to Interpret Data

Our waveform overlay allows for an intuitive and easy-to-interpret visual diagnosis of performance degradation in switchgear mechanics. By comparing the waveform signature with memorized reference waveform, deviations are visually apparent and can direct maintenance crews to the problem of performance degradation.

Condition Based Maintenance with the Switchgear Monitor

Routine maintenance means that switchgear is operated and de-energized. This action alone often masks performance degradation issues by exercising the mechanics of switchgear. This may prevent crews from truly understanding the state of the equipment between maintenance schedules. The maintenance itself is extremely invasive and often leads to the introduction of new problems that were not previously present.

Using a comprehensive monitoring system will provide a true measure of equipment performance and can mitigate maintenance-induced problems.

Maintenance of Switchgear

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Switchgear Monitor
Partial Discharge Trend

What about Partial Discharge?

The switchgear monitor configuration may also be combined with Dynamic Ratings SCM to provide partial charge monitoring of the switchgear bus and connectors, allowing tracking or faulty connections to be detected.