Comprehensive PD Monitoring | Partial Discharge Solutions

PD Monitoring

It is important to consider a comprehensive PD monitoring approach. PD can occur in generators, isolated bus ducts, step up transformers, and switchgear. Comprehensive monitoring of the entire power train can greatly increase the ability to pinpoint problem locations. Learn more about PD monitoring for specific assets at the links below.


Generator Monitoring

It is important for power plants to have reliable turbine generators.

Transformer Monitoring

Because partial discharge (PD) activity is often present well in advance of insulation failure, it provides the most evident indication of defects and deterioration in transformers.

Iso Phase Bus Duct Monitoring

Isolated phase bus, also known as the isophase bus, failure can occur for several different reasons.

Cable Monitoring

Monitoring for partial discharge (PD) in switchgear and cable systems is beneficial to extend the life of assets.

Switchgear Monitoring

Switchgear are highly critical to the power-protection system.

Motor Monitoring

There are two things to consider when implementing online PD monitoring for motors.