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Help Extend the Life of your Power Assets with Condition Based Monitoring

Utility system reliability is essential for keeping the lights on. Generation substation equipment is aging, monitoring provides users with the ability to see real-time data that shows the condition of their assets which can prevent unplanned outages. This allows utilities to make smarter investments into their equipment with maintenance budgets and helps mitigate catastrophic failures.

Reduce the Risk of Unplanned Outages

Monitors collect real-time data on generation assets which helps reduce the risk of unplanned outages or unexpected failures. Data helps effectively manage changing load conditions and contingency events. Monitors evaluate the assets across your network (rotating machines, switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers and more) and measure their performance to make sure everything is working properly. If something looks out of place, an alarm will notify you of the problem allowing utilities to keep their generation sites working at optimal performance levels and reducing unnecessary downtime associated with time based predictive maintenance.

Asset monitoring is easily managed on a visual dashboard to ensure ease of use.

Delay Asset Replacements by Extending Their Life

Loss of electrical service can result in a huge loss of revenue. Online monitoring helps you see the condition of your assets so that you don’t have unexpected failures. This allows for the extended life of your asset, improving the return on original equipment investment.

Condition-Based Monitoring for Power Generation


Transformer Monitoring

There are many areas on a transformer that can be monitored. Dynamic Ratings’ experience and global expertise can help you determine the solution that meets your needs. We offer a variety of transformer monitoring options such as temperature, bushings, partial discharge, OLTC, key gas, through faults, harmonics, voltage control, and more.

Switchgear and Cable Monitoring

Switchgear is a key asset in the substation and is links directly to the reliability of the power supply. Monitoring is easy to implement and will increase reliability, efficiency and safety in the workplace.


Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Online circuit breaker monitoring continuously evaluates the conditions of a breaker. Conditions which can lead to breaker failure are identified in their incipient stages which allows time to evaluate the breaker and take corrective action before a catastrophic event occurs.

Generator Monitoring

There are two things to consider when implementing online PD monitoring for turbine or hydro generators: Noise cancellation and signal attenuation. Online condition-based monitoring collects data generated during the assets normal operating conditions to get real-time awareness of problems.



Setting up proper communications is essential to the success of online monitoring. We have an option that is affordable, easy to install and secure. Our monitors have a variety of communication protocols available for your convenience.


Iso-Phase Bus Duct Monitoring

The availability of a power plant depends crucially on the reliability of major high voltage components such as the generator, isolated phase bus (IPB) and the generator step-up transformer (GSU). It is important for power plants to have reliable isolated phase bus ducts and cables.

How We Can Help

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Planning Services

Our Principal Engineers are available to assist in the development of the foundational elements of your asset management program.

Design Services

Our engineers configure each system to collect, evaluate and transmit the required information in the format that fits your process.

Project Management

Our expert team offers project management services from design to implementation and training to coordinate a successful experience.

Implementation Services

We offers services for monitoring hardware deployment. Our team undertakes all work in a safe manner, observing relevant regulations and procedures.

Verification Services

We verify everything is in working condition through commissioning, documentation, management and more. This helps ensure the success of our customers.

Support Team

Our team of experts is here for you. We offer training and support to help you succeed.

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