Retrofit Transformer Monitoring

What is Retrofit Transformer Monitoring?

Retrofit transformer monitoring revitalizes existing panel mounts and enclosures with condition-based monitoring platforms. Through retrofitting, utilities can bring new life into the existing equipment. With a one-to-one replacement, transformer monitors can be seamlessly integrated into a different frame design and configured to ensure proper fit. This retrofit strategy takes advantage of the existing infrastructure to implement Dynamic Ratings’ transformer monitors to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and increase sustainability.

Benefits of Implementing Retrofit Monitoring

  • Revitalize existing equipment with a new asset monitoring platform
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Decrease installation time
  • Increase sustainability
  • Easy implementation with LIFESTREAM Services
  • Improve safety and reliability through condition-based monitoring

Dynamic Ratings Retrofit Monitors

We provide the solution for a one-to-one replacement for existing transformer monitors and panel mount with the B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor and the C50 Transformer Monitor. By adapting our monitoring platforms, we are able to retrofit the monitor into existing panel mounts and frame designs. The retrofit solution is complemented by the LIFESTREAM Support Service to smoothly implement the transformer monitor. The support team provides training and support for users throughout the life cycle of their asset management programs.

By adapting existing panel mounts and enclosures with the B100 ETM or the C50 Transformer Monitor, utilities are able to implement a new asset monitoring platform into the existing infrastructure. It is important to plan ahead and consider the new and retrofit options when implementing transformer monitors.

Introducing Retrofit Solutions

C50 Transformer Monitor

C50 Transformer Monitor

Dynamic Ratings C50 Transformer Monitor makes condition monitoring easy and affordable. It looks at the condition of your assets so that you can use real-time data to make decisions about your high voltage transformers.



Successful asset management is a process flow of planning, designing, managing, implementing, verifying, and supporting. Dynamic Ratings LIFESTREAM® Support Services ensures successful asset monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of an asset.


B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor

The B100 Series Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM) is a complete monitoring solution for any transformer. The B100 ETM is an analog gauge replacement that provides accurate indication of problems inside the transformer via fault gas detection.


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