ConnectGrid Smart Infrastructure Solutions

ConnectGrid™ Smart Infrastructure Solution

The Dynamic Ratings ConnectGrid™ Smart Infrastructure Solution (SIS) is an agile technology stack that enhances connectivity to grid edge assets for better management. The system is tailored to meet varying security, scalability and availability requirements and has many options available in architecture and communication technology.

The distribution system (electric power grid) represents the largest interconnected machine in the world. It is ideally suited for the ConnectGrid™ Smart Infrastructure Solution with distributed assets, big data, machine to machine communications and a need for more sophisticated analytics. The IoT platform can bridge operational technology hardware such as transformer monitors and line sensors with energy business systems such as PI. This ensures the data is securely and easily transmitted to all the stake holders within a large organization so planning, construction and maintenance and asset management can all operate seamlessly with cooperation.

Dashboard Services
Dashboard, Application and Services

After the initial investment is approved, many organizations fall into the trap of analyzing technical details while losing site of how all the data will be turned into actionable information. Staying focused on the business’ needs helps define which dashboard solution will best meet organizational goals.


The infrastructure to host these applications and services will depend on organization security requirements, resource availability and financial structure. Will cloud hosting with its rapid scalability and low capital investment be more attractive or will an on-premise secured dedicated server? Different businesses and different applications within the same organization may require different infrastructures and the ConnectGrid™ can leverage them all.


Wireless communications is abundant across all industry segments. Organizations with multiple sites and distribution assets have been using various technologies to reach those end points for years. The ConnectGrid™ Industrial IoT platform has been designed to take advantage of the latest Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) communication technologies. LPWAN technologies offers decreased power usage, increased range and lower capital and operational costs than traditional communication technologies.

Connected Products
Connected Products

Dynamic Ratings offers several monitoring devices that natively integrate into the ConnectGrid™ IoT platform. There is also a serial gateway to integrate third party devices that support an RS 232 or R485 connection. This allows all customers to maximize the benefits of this exciting technology to improve grid edge connectivity and analytics for their entire system.

ConnectGrid™ Platform Products


Demand Response Device (DRED)

Dynamic Ratings’ Demand Response Device (DRED) provides a flexible IoT interface to allow remote control of supported network loads and distributed generation.


TTM 3-Phase Monitor

Dynamic Ratings’ TTM allows instant access to network measurements including voltage, current, power and power quality data, and alerts, identifies and analyzes network faults in real time.


Serial Gateway

Dynamic Ratings’ Connect Serial Gateway device operates as an IOT gateway, enabling data collection from any device with RS232 or RS485 serial connections and pushing the data onto the Distributed Monitoring IOT platform.



DynamicMetrix® is a dashboard visualization tool that is able to aggregate data not only from Dynamic Ratings monitors, but also from third party devices, seamlessly integrating readings and data into one easily viewable solution.


Swarm Satellite Industrial IoT Gateway

The RIVIR Logic IoT gateway connects your system data to the cloud via the new low-bandwidth, highly reliable Swarm satellite network, unlocking data from anywhere on the planet for less.


IoT Camera Sensor

The Dynamic Ratings IoT Camera Sensor dramatically increases the breadth of monitoring by enabling the capture of any visual indications. Couple easily deployable image capture with advanced image classification tools (including AI and machine learning) and the reach of monitoring is easily extended without having to install additional intrusive sensors.