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Hydrogen Sensor

Dynamic Ratings Hydrogen Sensor

Paired with a transformer monitor, Dynamic Ratings’ Hydrogen Sensor is a cost-effective way to implement online condition-based monitoring. The Hydrogen Sensor can measure hydrogen in the oil or gas headspace of power transformers. The sensing element is hydrogen specific and is insensitive to other transformer gases.

The Hydrogen Sensor has no consumable components, does not require carrier or calibration gases to maintain accuracy, and has an unlimited useful life.

Hydrogen Sensor Configuration Screen

Early Fault Indication

The hydrogen sensor paired with a B100 ETM, C50, or E3 Transformer Monitor notifies you at the first sign of a problem. Faults within a transformer generate gases based on the temperature at the location of the fault. Hydrogen is the first fault gas generated, thus providing the earliest indication of a problem. The volume of hydrogen generated will increase as the severity of the fault increases.

Measurement Accuracy

There are two types of hydrogen sensors – fuel cell sensors and thin film sensors. Fuel cell sensors consume the hydrogen, and if placed in a small volume of oil, it will eventually degas the oil unless an oil pump or other method of circulation is installed. Thin film sensors (like our Hydrogen Sensor) do not change the concentration of hydrogen in the oil, and therefore will give a more accurate reading.

Hydrogen Sensor Installed on a Transformer in the Headspace

Two Installation Options

When fault gases are generated in a transformer, they will be dissolved in the oil where sensors will detect the increasing trend and provide a warning of the equipment problem. Because hydrogen takes time to dissolve in oil, it will accumulate in the headspace quickly. While using an in-oil sensor is effective, the use of a gas space sensor will typically provide a faster response. Both in-oil and gas space sensors are available for use with Dynamic Ratings’ Transformer Monitors.

Watch this video to learn about the keys to monitoring hydrogen on a power transformer.

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