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C50 Bushing Monitor

C50 Transformer Monitor

The C50 Bushing Monitor makes condition monitoring easy and affordable.  It looks at the condition of your assets so that you can use real-time data to make decisions about your high voltage transformers.

The C50 Bushing Monitor looks at

  • The Health of Transformer Bushings
  • Power Factor and Capacitance
  • More  available with C50 Transformer Monitor

The Risk of Bushing Failure

Did you know that 50% of bushing failures end in fires? The C50 Bushing Monitor provides real-time bushing data during all weather conditions, loads, and at rated voltage, with the same sensitivity as an offline measurement.

C50 Transformer Monitor in the field

Bushing Monitoring Technologies: Sum of Currents vs Voltage Reference

There are two predominant technologies used for online bushing monitoring. The C50 Bushing Monitor offers both technologies.

  • First, the Sum of Currents methodology monitors for imbalance in the bushing leakage current to detect deterioration of bushings.  Under balanced system conditions, the vector sum of leakage currents is zero, assuming the power factor and capacitance of each bushing is identical.
  • Second, Voltage reference calculates power factor from the bushing leakage current and voltage reference signal for detecting degradation of bushings. Each bushing is measured independently when using the voltage reference technique, making it less affected by grid fluctuations.

Transformer Asset Monitoring Platform

The C50 Bushing Monitor can be fully integrated into a C50 Transformer Monitor System allowing all data from the transformer and bushings to be consolidated into a single monitor. This easy to configure platform can integrate data from 3rd party devices such as multi-gas DGA monitors. The web-based tools consolidate all critical operating data for viewing and analysis into a single point.

C50 Bushing Monitor showing the bushing polar plot screen

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