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Breaker Performance Monitor (BPM)

Breaker Performance Monitor

Dynamic Ratings Breaker Performance Monitor is the most comprehensive circuit breaker monitoring solution available. With the inclusion of Smart Capture, the BPM combines the most effective offline and online testing methods. The modular design is a highly customizable online monitoring package, resulting in a monitor capable of performing the advanced analytics required to detect operating deficiencies well in advance of breaker failure.

The Breaker Performance Monitor is ideally suited for implementing predictive maintenance, maintenance deferral, condition based maintenance and increased environmental protection from SF6 gas leaks.  In summary it monitors the condition of the main contacts, motors and heaters, mechanism and dielectric, and logs the information during circuit breaker operation.


Switchgear Monitor Waveforms USE

Smart Capture Technology

Complete diagnosis of the breakers’ mechanical and electrical systems with every operation. Smart Capture uses a waveform analysis for graphical comparison of breaker operations, providing a detailed analysis of first trip open and close times, identification of latch and bearing performance, lubrication issues, auxiliary contact condition and fault current values.

Gas Monitoring for SF6 and Dry Air

Multi-parameter sensors monitor density, temperature and humidity in insulating gases. Then alarms alert asset owners of leakage rates, trending of time till lock out and mass gas loss.

SF6 Breaker with Dynamic Ratings Monitoring Equipment
Insulating system photo of the outside arcing chamber

Charging Motor Starts, Currents and Runtimes

Provides data concerning the condition of the stored energy system allowing the Breaker Performance Monitor to detect failures before the apparatus is called to operate.  Information such as this cannot be obtained from reactive logging devices such as microprocessor based protective relays.

While much attention is given to monitoring a circuit breaker’s timing and integrity of SF6, a better understanding of how the breaker’s charging motor is performing can provide critical information as to the condition of the stored energy system. These stored energy systems can be susceptible to adverse effects in cold weather environments. The breaker performance offers several unique features designed specifically for cold weather events such as monitoring motor runtime and adapting in real time to changes with viscosity of hydraulic fluid due to temperature changes. The system can also monitor for excessive moisture and system pressure in pneumatics systems which are a symptom of freezing air lines. Regardless of stored energy system used in circuit breaker design, monitoring of charging motor will improve reliability of system in cold weather events.

Fleet Data Management

DynamicMetrix® Desktop is included with the purchase of the BPM. This program allows engineering access to your monitor to view data and perform diagnostics. Upgrade to DynamicMetrix® Fleet to pull data from all of your monitors: transformer, circuit breaker, or third party. This allows users to easily analyze data trends to make educated decisions about maintenance and risk management.

BPM displaying SF6 gas data on DynamicMetrix

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