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E3 Transformer Monitor

E3 Transformer Monitor

Data Driven Monitoring Solution

The E3 Transformer Monitor utilizes field-proven technology in data collection, analysis and visualization to communicate and notify changes in transformer conditions. Combine the E3 monitoring solution with LIFESTREAM® support services to provide a comprehensive, data driven approach to condition monitoring for bushings, windings, OLTC, cool system and insulation of power transformers.

The E3 Transformer Monitor Improves Reliability

With online condition-based data, users receive alarms when problems first arise allowing early detection so that appropriate actions can be taken before problems escalate. Transformer failure can be catastrophic. Knowing the condition of assets allows users to reduce failure rates and unplanned outages.

Reduce Maintenance Costs with the E3

The advanced analytics within the E3 monitoring system filters through the condition data to automatically identify issues requiring maintenance attention. This allows the Operations & Maintenance crews to focus on resolving problems rather than manually collecting data for offline condition assessment. E3 Transformer Monitor analytics provides an optimal platform for conditioned-based maintenance.

E3 DRMCC in the field
Transformer in a Substation

E3 Transformer Monitor Maximizes Life and Loading

The real time measurement of operational parameters allows visibility into the condition of an asset. Real-time understanding means you can load a transformer with confidence. Using data to make strategic decisions helps maximize asset life and planning for replacement. Extending the remaining useful life of an asset leads to deferred replacement capital costs.

Increase Safety with the E3 Transformer Monitor

Condition-based monitoring increases the safety of workers and the public through

  • Situational Awareness.
  • Reducing trips to site.
  • Providing alerts, warnings and instructions.
  • Complying to industry safety standards.

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