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Switchgear and Cable Monitor (SCM)

Switchgear and Cable Monitor

The Switchgear and Cable Monitor (SCM) continually monitors partial discharge (PD), and stores and correlates operating dynamics. The SCM provides information on the health of the medium voltage insulation systems of switchgear, cables, bus duct and unit substations.

Switchgear Monitoring

Optimal Design

The SCM is the electrical industry’s partial discharge monitor of choice. It can be configured to have up to 60 PD inputs (four PD modules). Each module features fifteen independent (concurrently monitored), highly sensitive, user configurable input channels; delivering the industry’s best signal-to-noise ratio and allowing connection to a wide variety of PD sensors!

Prevent Unintended Outages

Industry data shows that switchgear has one of the industry’s highest failure rates, creating a need for inspection and continuous monitoring. Unlike insulation systems used in motors and generators, the insulation systems in switchgear are not resistant to insulation deterioration caused by partial discharges. When switchgear fails, the outage is usually for an extended period. On older equipment, spare parts are limited and many times custom manufacturing is required, which adds to the outage time.

The SCM provides peace of mind and helps to extend the life of your switchgear.

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Cable Monitoring

90% of cable failures occur at splices and terminations. As these accessories breakdown, they generally produce partial discharges prior to failure. Therefore to monitor cables, the SCM takes data from radio frequency current transformers (RFCTs) that are placed around the cable termination shields. If the shields are ungrounded then a GPCS sensor is used. The condition of the cable, type of insulation, type of shield construction will determine how far one can ‘see” down the cable.

Condition Based Maintenance with the Switchgear Monitor

Routine maintenance means that switchgear is operated and de-energized. This action alone often masks performance degradation issues by exercising the mechanics of switchgear. This may prevent crews from truly understanding the state of the equipment between maintenance schedules. The maintenance itself is extremely invasive and often leads to the introduction of new problems that were not previously present.

Check out the Switchgear Monitor to learn about our comprehensive switchgear monitoring system.

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