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Who We Are

Dynamic Ratings provides condition based monitoring products and services to the utility industry. We help utilities have better awareness of their high voltage electrical equipment.

Condition based monitoring is a way for utilities to

  1. Improve safety for the workforce
  2. Extend the life of their assets
  3. Create awareness of asset life and reliability

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Industries We Serve

transmission and distribution

Transmission & Distribution

From sensors to software, we help utility customers improve transmission and distribution systems reliability, leading to increased maintenance savings and reduced outages. Learn More

power generation

Power Generation & Renewables

With the use of our asset management tools, our power generation and renewable customers realize maximum benefit from online monitoring. Learn More

industrial processing

Industrial Processing

Effective online monitoring provides early warning of condition deterioration by monitoring for partial discharges (PD) activity. This leads to a safe working environment. Learn More

Product Spotlight

iBridge Communication Solution

Installing data connections in a substation can be expensive and time consuming. The Dynamic Ratings iBridge product saves time and money while avoiding the security concerns of wireless antenna systems. Learn More

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor

Old temperature gauges are unreliable. The B100 gives you a digital temperature reading and communicates with you if there is a problem.  Learn more

Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensor

Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensors provide an easy method for measuring transformer top oil, bottom oil, or load tap changer tank temperatures. Learn more

Service & Support

At Dynamic Ratings, customer service and support is the core of our business. From the start we work closely with you to create and define standards to ensure that your system is implemented consistently regardless of the age, make or model of electrical assets being monitored. This approach makes installation, support and use of the system easier. Read More

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