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Dynamic Ratings User Group Meetings

We Value Your Input!

One of our core values is to be responsive to our customers. We always work to keep communication open so that we can continually improve our business. 

User Group Meetings are an opportunity for users to get together to collaborate about industry issues, provide feedback and attend trainings. 

Upcoming Meetings

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Our 2024 North America User Group Meeting will be held at Duke Energy in North Carolina October 9-10th. Register now or sign up for our email list below to receive updates about the upcoming meeting.

Meeting Format

In our meetings, we leave as much time as possible for users to collaborate in a vendor-free session. This means that Dynamic Ratings leaves the room to allow space for users to talk freely about suggestions, issues and recommendations they have for each other and Dynamic Ratings. Users generally find this time very valuable.

After the vendor-free session, users present their recommendations in an open discussion format.

We also cover essential product update information and more!

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