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Swarm Satellite Industrial IoT Gateway


The RIVIR Logic IoT gateway connects your system data to the cloud via the new low-bandwidth, highly reliable Swarm satellite network, unlocking data from anywhere on the planet for less.


RIVIR Logic Connectivity

Integrated Wireless Communications via Satellite

The RIVIR Logic is a “data transport” gateway that connects to your sensor, PLC, telemetry device or edge computer. The RIVIR Logic caches IoT data communications and sends them to the cloud via the low-cost Swarm LEO satellite constellation. Your IoT data is delivered to your business systems, via an API integration or online IoT platform, from anywhere on earth.

Gateway Logic Features

  • Low cost, high reliability global IoT data network
  • 24/7 global IoT coverage
  • 1 minute latency 95% of the time
  • 24 up-link messages per day
  • 10 down-link messages per day
  • Connects PLCs, industrial sensors and edge computers via RS485
  • External antenna (multiple options for various environments)
  • IoT data available via API or ioSphere’s Control Room
  • Link encryption
  • Indoor and outdoor housing options
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Typical Applications

The RIVIR Logic is the perfect solution to connect remote PLCs, embedded and edge computing systems and IoT sensors. The RIVIR Logic provides 24/7 IoT connection, via the Swarm satellite network. In use cases where cell networks are unreliable or unavailable OR where satellite is required as the fallback when cellular fails.

Typical use cases include:

  • Fixed and mobile asset monitoring
  • Rail network telemetry
  • Environmental monitoring for mining, oil and gas, forestry and local government
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Smart grid, smart metering and distribution automation
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Weather data
  • Irrigation control and agricultural sensors
  • Access control

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