Asset Management Spotlight On The Trade Show Floor
Dynamic Ratings at trade show booth

Trade show season is upon us, and Dynamic Ratings is happy to be attending the DISTRIBUTECH International® Show once again this year.

As one of the top transmission and distribution events in the country, it serves as the perfect showcase for our suite of cutting-edge utilities industry asset management solutions.

Every year, trade shows such as this give us the opportunity to promote our products and reach more prospective users. Because these shows bring everyone together in one place, it allows us to share the wealth of information Dynamic Ratings brings — quite literally — to the table.

We look forward to meeting and connecting with industry experts, suppliers, manufacturers, as well as clients — exploring new partnerships, collaborations, and ventures.

The 2024 DISTRIBUTECH International® Trade Show is also a perfect opportunity for us to reevaluate our position in the industry, its benchmarks, and where technology is headed. We enjoy analyzing competitor offerings and strategies, while also gaining a better understanding of our place in the industry so that we can continue to improve on the solutions we offer our customers and the industry at large.

Best Practices & Trade Secrets

We are also looking forward to interacting directly with clients old and new, demonstrating our leadership as an asset management solutions provider in the utilities industry, and pointing the way forward.

It is vital for organizations to not only collect and collate data but to understand what to do with that data. But as we’re of the opinion that there is always a bias to use existing operating systems to simplify system architecture and IT systems, we enjoy attending trade shows in order to maintain our position on the forefront of the industry and to continue to demonstrate our commitment to best practices. We ask why asset management needs to constantly evolve, while providing the necessary software to encourage that evolution.

The online monitoring of transformers, circuit breakers, and other instruments can be daunting, especially when plant operation managers, engineering supervisors, and electrical engineers need to meticulously compartmentalize the data for stakeholder sharing.

We all know that data is the best way to manage a fleet of assets, but some organizations can benefit from a better plan for managing it. The need to monitor assets, mitigate risks, and extend the life of utility assets is always top of mind, and so we thought we’d share with you some of the products and developments we plan to share later this year on the trade show floor.

Condition Based Monitoring Keeps the Lights On

Utility system reliability is essential for keeping up to speed in the utilities industry.

Because substation equipment is constantly aging, and thus degrading, monitoring is vital to analyzing asset condition data in real time in order to prevent unplanned outages, while saving valuable time, labor, and at the end of the day, money.

Improving the bottom line through better asset management allows utilities to invest in better equipment as well as cutting-edge technology. Better asset management enables utilities to better mitigate catastrophic failures and optimize their maintenance budgets, maximizing uptime and keeping the lights on.

transformer and three engineers

At Dynamic Ratings, we feel that optimized operations require solutions in real time to facilitate data-driven decisions and correlation, increasing efficiency and performance. With condition based monitoring sensors detecting changes in real time, utilities can shift from scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance, allowing for early detection of anomalies or potential failures. This helps in proactively addressing issues before they escalate.

After all, correlated data allows for strategic decision-making by uncovering relationships, patterns, and trends among various datasets, which aids in lightning-fast decision-making.


Real-Time Data Assessment and Data Correlation is Key

Real-time asset health monitoring through connected sensors and devices allows for anomaly detection, identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, and allows utilities to proactively mitigate these risks, ensuring greater reliability and safety. Correlating data also helps identify risks and safety hazards associated with individual assets, enabling proactive measures to mitigate these risks and the ability to react with immediacy.

This not only gives stakeholders unprecedented access to data at all times, but it also helps companies meet regulatory standards, especially with regard to safety and environmental requirements.

Substation monitoring gives you the data to make educated end-of-life calculations for your assets, and also informs asset managers when best to make the switch-over to new equipment, minimizing risk and keeping stakeholders better informed at every stage of operation.

Properly correlated data also allows utilities to adapt to new technologies, enabling them to modernize their infrastructure and stay competitive in an evolving industry. Understanding correlations also aids in managing the supply chain, allowing utilities to balance supply and demand effectively, reduce transformer supply chain issues overall, and increase supply chain stability across the board. And by understanding asset performance through data correlation, utilities can maximize their ROI by making the most informed decisions possible.

Finally, through predictive analytics, correlated data allows utilities stakeholders to forecast outcomes or potential issues based on historical correlation data. This provides better understanding on how different factors impact asset performance, such as weather conditions, usage patterns, and maintenance schedules.

With predictive insights into risk, the right asset management software streamlines data collection and reporting to assess potential vulnerabilities and strengthen risk management strategies.

Products Follow Philosophy

We believe strongly in our asset management philosophy as well as our product line, and the Distributech trade show gives us our first opportunity in 2024 to share both. If you attend, you’ll be able to peruse our suite of C50 and BPM products, along with a series of case studies demonstrating their success in the field.

As they share the same platform, and can be used to monitor either transformers or circuit breakers, we believe this suite of products offers unparalleled versatility, flexibility, and ease-of-use, helping utilities better dissect data trends and extend asset life.

Our BPMs Deliver Top-of-the-Line Results

The Dynamic Ratings Breaker Performance Monitor is the most comprehensive circuit breaker monitoring solution available on the market today. Our BPM combines the most effective online and offline testing methods, thanks in no small part to the inclusion of Smart Capture technology.

Our modular design makes this device highly customizable especially for online, advanced analytics monitoring. Thanks to Smart Capture, utilities can detect operating deficiencies well in advance of breaker failure, which guarantees maximum uptime and therefore maximum stakeholder reporting.

Dynamic Ratings Breaker Performance Monitor BPM installed

Our BPM is ideally suited for implementing predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, maintenance deferral, as well as environmental protection from SF6 gas leaks.

BPMs from Dynamic Ratings monitor the condition of the main contacts, dielectric, as well as motors and heaters, all while logging information during the entirety of the circuit breaker operation cycle, with zero downtime.

Meanwhile, Smart Capture technology ensures graphical comparison of breaker operations through waveform analysis, which in turn provides detailed analysis of first trip open and close times, lubrication issues, auxiliary contact condition reporting, identification of latch and bearing performance, as well as fault current values.

BPM Waveform Page Trip Coil

Fleet Data Management

Finally, our DynamicMetrix® desktop technology is included with the purchase of every BPM. This top-tier fleet data management program allows engineering access to your monitor for data viewing and diagnostics performance.

DynamicMetrix® incorporates the experience of the Dynamic Ratings team to consolidate all your condition data, analyze the data in real time and deliver a complete fleet assessment while giving you the ability to obtain detailed information, make timely decisions and take the appropriate actions to maximize reliability, performance and the life of your assets.

C50 Success

Also on display is our C50 Transformer Monitor, which makes condition monitoring easier and more affordable than ever before, harnessing the power of real-time data analytics, enabling utilities to make decisions about their high voltage transformers quicker and with increased accuracy.

The C50 Monitors

  • Power Factor and Capacitance
  • Cooling Systems
  • Partial Discharge
  • Internal and Ambient Temperatures
  • On Load Tap Changers
  • Multi-gas DGA
  • Bushing Health
Dynamic Ratings employee installing C50

Dynamic Ratings has streamlined the C50 configuration process, ensuring that utilities only spend time configuring the functions and settings that are most relevant to their application. Backwards compatibility also allows configurations to be copied from previously programmed C50s, which enables large-scale development with ease. The process additionally tracks, stores, and reports installed firmware revision levels.

Review Real-Time Data

The C50 also interfaces with third party devices such as multi-gas DGA monitors to consolidate all critical operating data for viewing and analysis at a single point.

The built-in dashboard provides real-time data to help track system status and alarms without the need for a software tool. With the C50 Transformer Monitor, you can view data history, and configure responses and reactions to changing conditions of your asset, and the C50 can be integrated with bushing monitoring to help prevent bushing failure.

Improving Bushings Testing and Monitoring Across the Board

In the utilities industry, offline tests are performed routinely, but maybe only once every few years. But with so many failure mechanisms on bushings occurring in a very short window of time, often measured in days or weeks, a more routine and efficient measuring system is required.

Transformer bushing failures can be catastrophic, with 22% of forced transformer outages occurring due to bushing failure. And 50% of failures end in fires, which can destroy the transformer and even damage nearby equipment and buildings. Bushing failures can also cause forced outages and potential transformer damage. It’s important, then, to consider how to best monitor these types of bushings and prevent failure from occurring.

Offline testing is performed typically at 10 kilovolts and normalized to an ambient temp of 25 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, this isn’t a true representation of a bushing’s normal operating condition. When bushings are energized at line potential and operating at higher temperatures, the stresses are increased. Some bushings failures are also temperature- and voltage-dependent, making it very difficult to simulate during offline testing.

Traditional offline testing is important but it fails to provide a full picture of what’s going on inside the bushings. The C50’s online transformer monitoring system overcomes offline test limitations and increases the performance and reliability of the transformer, providing bushing data during all weather conditions, with the same sensitivity as an offline measurement.

By supporting both online and offline testing techniques in a single Bushing Health Monitor, Dynamic Ratings helps asset managers select the method that best suits the installation and application concerns.

Rogowski coil mounted on bushing
Dynamic Ratings customer discussion

See You at the Show

Dynamic Ratings exhibits at DISTRIBUTECH because we pride ourselves on being an integral part of the future of transmission and distribution thanks to our asset monitoring developments, software, and products.

We offer a purpose-built end-to-end single vendor solution, streamlining the process and reducing the resources and costs to manage a fleet of transformer and breaker monitors. This eliminates point-to-point SCADA mapping, provides a concerns index for work prioritization, and eliminates organizational challenges to accessing data.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do — before or after the trade show — please visit our site to access helpful webinars, monitor comparisons, case studies on the best digital asset management software, video tutorials, and other resources.

We know that when it comes to monitoring, one size never fits all, and we are here to listen to your needs and find a solution that works for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our solutions page on online condition monitoring or contact us directly.

And continue to check back regularly for more industry insight and information.

See you soon!

Author: Tyler Willis, Dynamic Ratings