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DynamicMetrix® from Dynamic Ratings is an asset performance management platform designed to make prioritizing maintenance and risk assessment faster and more efficient. This unique dashboard visualization tool leverages data sets to provide increased knowledge and awareness of assets in the field.

Our platform is designed to simplify and improve the efficiency of asset management and the task of collecting large amounts of data from a fleet of monitors.

Timely information results in improved performance and overall situation awareness to create better asset utilization, and with better access to online data, planning and maintenance teams are able to prioritize and productively plan field repairs and installations.

DynamicMetrix® is a central visualization tool that enables you to avoid point-based monitoring, and to track condition-based, real-time trend data to mitigate risk and prioritize maintenance before problems occur.

Bypassing the Challenges of Point-Based Monitoring

Most monitors connected to SCADA offer just a few data points, which limits the ability to track in several ways.

A point based protocol requires every data point to be individually addressed. This takes time to configure, and must be tested on both ends of the communication link to ensure that all addressing is done correctly.

DynamicMetrix® uses a secure file data transfer protocol (SFTP), and so it eliminates the need for this testing and addressing. It also automatically updates if there are configuration changes on one end or the other, unlike a point-based protocol that requires new addressing and testing to verify changes.

Don’t Miss the Bigger Picture

As it can be very expensive from a time and resource standpoint to develop system wide views within a SCADA system, this syetm-wide visualization is already built into DynamicMetrix®.

Finally, as utility infrastructures expand, the scalability of point-based monitoring systems becomes a concern. Implementing and managing monitoring points for an ever-growing number of assets can become logistically challenging and resource-intensive.

Additionally, point-based systems might not always provide practical real-time monitoring capabilities.

Configuring point-based systems to be effective for operations and asset management can be both complicated and resource-intensive, which is why DynamicMetrix® is designed to work in tandem with pre-existing SCADA systems to prevent delays in data collection and processing which is critical in situations where immediate action is required to prevent or address issues, such as during emergencies or sudden equipment failures.

E3 and Calisto

Point-based monitoring systems may struggle with providing accurate predictive analytics, as well. Predicting the failure or maintenance needs of an asset often requires a holistic understanding of the system, taking into account various interdependencies and external factors, which can be challenging with point-based monitoring alone.

Periodic, time-based monitoring can help identify asset problems, but it can also be unreliable as many failures do not provide significant warning signs until a short time before the failure occurs. With site-based crews traveling to pull samples or run tests on equipment on a timed schedule, problems cannot be identified in time.

With so many failure mechanisms occurring in a very short window of time, a more routine and efficient measuring system is required, which is why asset management solutions need to evolve.

The Benefits of Condition-Based Asset Monitoring with DynamicMetrix®

Online condition based monitoring, unlike traditional point-based monitoring, collects historic data and will raise the Concerns Index indicating the severity of condition when something looks out of place. Using this data, utilities can identify issues early in the failure process and schedule an outage, if necessary. This method saves time, cost and keeps crews safe.

This need for accurate condition-based asset management was top of mind when our engineers designed the DynamicMetrix® asset management data platform.

DynamicMetrix® is an easy-to-deploy dashboard visualization tool that manages data from circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear and more. Our software helps utilities collect, collate, and use condition monitoring information from high-voltage electrical equipment to identify problems before they occur, better mitigating risk, and improving business performance. Its flexibility in the field offers cost-effective asset management solutions all in one easy-to-employ dashboard.

DynamicMetrix® is able to aggregate data not only from Dynamic Ratings monitors, but also from third party devices, seamlessly integrating readings and data into one easily viewable solution. Using web-based technology, our product is designed to provide easily understandable information about asset status and health at a glance, whether it be current, historical and/or lab data.

Geospatial viewing allows health maintenance and planning teams to prioritize and consolidate schedules through map-based asset viewing along with corresponding Concerns Index ratings that indicate which assets require service or replacement.

How it Works

DynamicMetrix® helps avoid unplanned outages and extend the service life of critical assets to improve system reliability and operational performance.

Easily-accessible data is critical for fleet management and maintaining system reliability, and the geospatial map presents the assets in an easy-to-navigate system overview. DynamicMetrix® provides a structured tree of the substation sites for easy navigation across the fleet to specific sites, and navigating from the map view, table view or substation view to a specific asset allows for detailed analysis in real-time.

The substation view is useful for reviewing a summary of asset performance among assets at that station or plant, and if you select the transformer, you can review the latest readings from the monitoring system, an overview of the transformer, bushing information, set points for alarms, winding hotspot temperature, active or cleared alarms, ambient temperature, top oil temperature, last measured winding current, and other readings.

Meanwhile, the alarms view summarizes and provides a history of alarms for the entire fleet, and also provides search capability in case responding to a specific issue reported in the field is necessary.

At the same time, the Concerns Index assesses if equipment is in good condition or needs immediate action, and when problematic conditions occur, the detailed asset view shows the source of concern.

DynamicMetrix® remembers historical data allowing for the selection of different sets of data to help correlate information, as well as trending data of the specific transformer.

Meeting Operational Needs

Our platform is intended to support the operational needs of a large organization with many stakeholders requiring access to asset management data.

Administrators can manage users within DynamicMetrix® by defining role-based access for each user, and built-in system backup functionality ensures security and availability of critical asset information.

Navigating from the map view, table view or substation view to an asset allows for detailed analysis so that you can review the latest readings.

lightning arrestors and bushings

In the case of bushings in particular, having up-to-date, real-time data on hand can be a game changer, as many transformer bushing failures can be catastrophic.

With 22% of forced transformer outages occurring due to bushing failure, and 50% of failures ending in fires which can destroy the transformer and even damage nearby equipment and buildings, preventing forced outages and potential transformer damage caused by bushing failure becomes a top priority.

Increase Service Life and System Reliability

DynamicMetrix® helps utilities reduce unexpected failure of substation assets on an easily managed visual dashboard that ensures ease-of-use, increasing situational awareness, and reporting data in real time so that stakeholders can mitigate risk and increase safety. Substation asset data is easily managed on a visual dashboard to ensure ease of use.

Each asset has a Concerns Index number associated with it as well as you to immediately see what’s going on with the help of the transformer. A green icon indicates a low concern with an asset yellow icon indicates there is some level of concern and a review was recommended a red icon is a high concern alert that requires immediate attention to determine the appropriate corrective action.

Condition-based monitoring gives you the data to make educated end-of-life calculations for your assets.

This data enables asset managers to make informed decisions when to take emergency outages or wait until already-planned outages to perform corrective actions. This ability to proactively predict issues in real time extends the life of assets across the board.

DynamicMetrix Concerns Index

DynamicMetrix® is a purposeful solution that makes prioritizing maintenance and risk assessment faster and more efficient, and a growing number of utilities and renewable energy providers are switching over to the best digital asset management software platform for their needs.

DynamicMetrix® Users Are Seeing Results

DynamicMetrix® provides flexible and reliable asset management solutions to utilities and renewable energy providers across North America — keeping the lights on in millions of homes in the US and Canada.

Each year, more users are making the switch from traditional IT-resource heavy options to the streamlined, out-of-the-box DynamicMetrix® platform.

Those who benefit from making the switch include:

  • Maintenance Groups who can reduce maintenance costs while improving reliability.
  • Operations Groups who benefit from early warnings and situational awareness.
  • Asset Management Groups who understand risky units to prepare for replacement.
  • Standards Groups who write specifications for new units based on experience.

Whether you’re using the out-of-date Athena platform and want to switch, or you’re already familiar with the desktop version of DynamicMetrix® and want to upgrade to the simultaneity and continuity of our Fleet option, one of our experts can help you make the switch.

The Dynamic Difference

Simply put, DynamicMetrix® is the ideal way to manage data from various assets in one flexible dashboard.

DynamicMetrix® improves productivity and efficiency for the management of transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and other power assets — sophisticated devices with an immense amount of valuable data that should never be compromised.

The Fleet version will pull data automatically from a large number of monitors allowing asset managers to make prioritizing maintenance and risk assessment faster and more efficient, thanks to scalable software solutions intended to simplify the user experience.

Successful online, condition-based monitoring with DynamicMetrix® enables organizations to make the right decisions at the right time with reliable asset knowledge. With real-time performance analysis, one can analyze data trends, compare factors contributing to asset health, and recommend corrective actions directly from Dynamic Ratings monitors or other third-party devices.

Author: Tyler Willis, Dynamic Ratings