Dynamic Ratings Support and Customer Services

At Dynamic Ratings, service and support is the core of our business. Early in our process, we work closely with our customers to create and define standards to ensure that their monitoring solution is implemented in a consistent manner regardless of the age, make or model of electrical assets being monitored. This consistent approach makes the installation, support and use of the system easier.

Engineering Services

Internally, each system is uniquely engineered and configured to collect, evaluate and transmit the required information in the format that fits the customer’s process. The configuration incorporates the nuanced differences that exist across the various asset designs to ensure the system provides the intended benefit.

our process

Our Engineering Services include:

  • Application planning
  • Site walks
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Monitoring, control, communications designs
  • DR equipment drawings, Redlined customer schematic markups for construction, documentation packages
  • Third party device integrations
  • Design engineering
  • Custom programming

Project Management

Dynamic Ratings offers project management services for product installation. Our experienced project managers undertake all work in a safe manner, observing relevant regulations and procedures.

our process

Our project managers:

  • Track systems through design and production to ensure on time delivery.
  • Manage field service scheduling and project planning.
  • Coordinate the delivery of required job site materials, parts.
  • Coordinate suppliers review and reconcile expense reports.
  • Review field service test reports for open items and seek closure.
  • Undertake all work in a safe manner, observing relevant regulations and procedures

Field Services

Dynamic Ratings follows our equipment into the field to ensure proper installation, configuration and operation as intended. Our installation and commissioning engineers check and verify that everything is working as planned. This end-to-end system verification provides assurance that the right information will be delivered to the right people in the actionable format that they need.

Our field service engineers provide installation supervision and/or turnkey installations for retrofit applications, commissioning of newly installed systems, and/or system upgrades.

field services

Our Field Services include:

  • Full turnkey or witnessed installation
  • Commissioning of monitoring systems
  • Commissioning of DGA monitoring systems
  • Monitoring retrofits or system upgrades
  • User support and training



Dynamic Ratings support provides custom tailored training options for all of our on-line monitoring products and services. Customer training can include Field Technicians, System Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Project Engineers, Protection Engineers, Asset Management Engineers, and anyone else interested in learning more. Training is conveniently provided at our customer’s location or at our training center.