Circuit Breaker Monitor for Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Circuit Breaker Monitoring and SF6 Gas Monitoring

Dynamic Ratings offers On-Line Circuit Breaker Monitoring and SF6 Gas Density Monitoring. These on-line circuit breaker monitors are ideally suited for implementing predictive maintenance, maintenance deferral, condition based maintenance and increase environmental protection from SF6 gas leaks. These intelligent electronic devices (IED) monitor the condition of the main contacts, mechanism and dielectric; and logs the following information during circuit breaker operation:

  • Trip Time (mS) (also known as Opening Time)
  • Arc duration (mS) (phase segregated)
  • Clearing Time (mS) (also known as Interrupting Time)
  • Cumulative I2 x T or I x T on the main contacts (phase segregated) from arcing
  • Restrike Occurrence (phase segregated)
  • Operation Counts