Substation Monitoring for Data Centers | Transformers, Circuit Breakers

Increasing Reliability with Substation Monitoring

Data centers rely on uninterrupted data because disruptions could be catastrophic to process critical industries. Power system reliability is vital to maintaining data flow. Monitoring equipment in the substation is an affordable way to increase the reliability of your data supply.

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Collect Data on Your Data

Online condition monitoring reduces the risk of failure by increasing situational awareness. Monitors evaluate the assets in your substation (switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers and batteries) and measure their performance to make sure everything is working properly. If something looks out of place, an alarm will notify you of the problem.

Substation asset data is easily managed on a visual dashboard to ensure ease of use.

Extend the Life of your Existing Power Assets

The power system is aging and failure can be unexpected and costly. That is why it’s important to have a plan in place for risk mitigation. Data Center substation monitoring gives you the data to make education end-of-life calculations for your assets.

OLTC Monitoring on Power Transformers

Monitoring with Dynamic Ratings

Dynamic Ratings provides condition based monitoring products and services to the data center industry. Our partnerships help data centers have better awareness of their power system equipment. We offer

  • Transformer Monitoring
  • Switchgear Monitoring
  • Circuit Breaker Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Data Visualization Software
  • Secure Communications
  • And more…

The LIFESTREAM® Difference

Substation asset management is more than just installing a monitor! Successful asset management is a process flow of planning, designing, managing, implementing, verifying, and supporting. Dynamic Ratings offers LIFESTREAM® Support Services to ensure successful asset monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of an asset. Learn more about what’s included

Substation Asset Monitoring

Transformer Monitoring

B100 + H2 Scan Hydrogen Sensor

There are many areas on a transformer that can be monitored. Dynamic Ratings’ experience and global expertise can help you determine the solution that meets your needs. We offer a variety of transformer monitoring options such as temperature, bushings, partial discharge, OLTC, key gas, through faults, harmonics, voltage control, and more. Learn more about our solutions for transformer monitoring.

Switchgear Monitoring

Switchgear Controls Photo

The Switchgear and Cable Monitor (SCM) is a continuous on-line partial discharge monitor which provides information regarding the health of medium voltage switchgear & cable insulation.  The SCM is the industry leader relative to expansion capability; it can be configured with 15 to 60 PD channels in 15 channel increments for the specific design application. Each module features fifteen independent input PD channels, with the industries best signal-to-noise ratio. Modbus communication protocol is standard, with DNP-3 available upon request. Applications include Switchgear, cables and bus duct.

IoT Distributed Monitoring

TTM on Distribution Transformer

The distribution network is a huge asset, distributed over a wide area. While much of this asset hasn’t changed for decades, the use of it is changing very rapidly. With the introduction of distributed energy resources (DERs), reduced budgets and high performance expectations a new paradigm shift has been required to address the growing challenges.

Utilities now need data more than ever to make best use of their assets. Learn more about Distributed Monitoring.

Communication Solutions

iBridge Communication Solution for the Substation

The iBridge Power Line Communication System delivers data from any intelligent electronic device (IED) affordably and securely in high noise environment with easy installation using existing power lines. By using an existing wire, you minimize engineering costs, reduce schematic revisions, and avoid trenching or adding new copper wires or fiber.

Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

Monitoring of stationary battery systems has increased in importance due to the decline of craft specialists, reductions of maintenance personnel and the increasing number of unmanned facilities. Additionally, NERC PRC-005 requires electric utilities to implement maintenance plans for protection systems associated with the Bulk Electric System. These devices meet NERC PRC-005 monitoring requirements by monitoring, logging and alarming on the following information: DC supply voltage, Battery float voltage, Battery float current, String continuity, Intercell connection integrity, Cell ohmic values relative to baseline values, Unintentional grounds, Electrolyte levels (optional).

Data Visualization

DynamicMetrix® incorporates the experience of the Dynamic Ratings team to consolidate all your condition data, analyze the data in real time and deliver a complete fleet assessment while giving you the ability to obtain detailed information, make timely decisions and take the appropriate actions to maximize reliability, performance and the life of your assets.

Athena Diagnostics Software supports Dynamic Ratings partial discharge monitoring systems for configuration, data storage and provides tools for presentation and analysis. Athena runs with the Windows® operating system.