Social Responsibility - Dynamic Ratings

Community Involvement

Dynamic Ratings believes in the importance of community. This belief is demonstrated inside the business by supporting employees and fostering a health working culture as well as outside the business through the support of community activities. Here are some of the projects in which we have or are continuing to participate in:

University Student Placement

Dynamic Ratings is passionate about sharing knowledge and contributing to the energy sector in a positive way. We understand that many of the current and future challenges will be solved by the next generation of engineers. We employ a number of engineering students each year in Australia and in the USA to help them develop into the future leaders of the Energy Sector.

Marquette University Corporate Sponsor

At Dynamic Ratings we believe education is important. We are proud to support Marquette University as a corporate sponsor.

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Corporate Sponsor

At Dynamic Ratings we believe education is important. We are proud to support MSOE as a corporate sponsor.

Honor Flight

Honor Flight Sponsor

Dynamic Ratings is a sponsor of the Bubba Open Golf Fundraiser to benefit local Wisconsin military families and honor flights for veterans.

Industry Involvement

CIGRE Committee Involvement

Dynamic Ratings is active in many CIGRE Committees including (not limited to):

  • Panel Member A2 (Power Transformers and Reactors)
  • Panel Member B5 (Protection and Automation)
  • Working Group Member A2.49 (Condition Assessment of Power Transformers)
  • Working Group Member A2.69 (Dynamic Thermal Behaviour of Power Transformers)

IEEE Committee Involvement

Dynamic Ratings is active in many IEEE committees including (not limited to):

  • IEEE C57.113 – volunteered to write a chapter on ‘PD pattern recognition in power transformers’: IEEE Recommended Practice for Partial Discharge Measurement in Liquid-Filled Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors.
  • IEEE C57.124 – Recommended Practice for the Detection of Partial Discharge and the Measurement of Apparent Charge in Dry-Type Transformers.
  • IEEE C57.127 – Guide for the Detection, Location and Interpretation of Sources of Acoustic Emissions from Electrical Discharges in Power Transformers and Power Reactors.
  • IEEE C57.104 – The Guide for DGA Interpretation
  • IEEE C57.19.00 – HV Bushings
  • IEEE P2465 – volunteered to contribute a section on ‘Interpreting phase-resolved partial discharge patterns ’ – Recommended Practice for Pulse-type Partial Discharge Measurements on Individual Stator Coils and Bars.
  • High-Voltage Testing Techniques (HVTT) Subcommittee of the IEEE Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee – volunteered to write a chapter on the ‘Interpretation of partial patterns of common insulation defects’. The goal is to establish a general guide on partial discharge measurement to serve as a vertical testing standard.
  • IEEE C57.143 – volunteered to write an ‘Application guide on online  monitoring of power transformers using UHF PD measurement principle’: IEEE Guide for Application for Monitoring Equipment to Liquid-Immersed Transformers and Components.

NRECA Membership

  • NRECA’s mission is to promote, support and protect the community and business interests of electric cooperatives. To power communities and empower members to improve the quality of their lives. We are proud to be a corporate member of the NRECA.

GRAPES Membership

  • Grid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems (GRAPES) is a National Science Foundation, the mission of GRAPES is to accelerate the adoption and insertion of power electronics into the grid in order to improve system stability, flexibility, robustness, and economy. Together with our university partners we hope to make electric power systems more sustainable, cost-effective, and secure. Our reasearch focus is on energy storage, microgrid systems, power electronics interface, and renewable energy sources. Learn more.

The Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre

Dynamic Ratings is a platinum member of The Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre and participates in steering committee.

University of Marquette Industry Advisory Board for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program

This diverse group is committed to the Marquette University Electrical and Computer Engineering program. We rely on their insight and collective feedback when setting goals, modifying the program and determining best practices. Learn more.