World's First Swarm Satellite Connected Transformer - Dynamic Ratings

Dynamic Ratings and ioSphere IoT have teamed up to reach the most remote parts of the grid with the world’s first Swarm Technologies satellite-connected transformer.

Nestled on the edge of the Canterbury Plains in the largest technology testbed in the world (New Zealand), IoSphere IoT and Dynamic Ratings worked with Electricity Ashburton to connect one of their transformers to the ConnectGrid cloud – via the Swarm satellite network. Check out our case study to read more about this project.

Many critical network assets, like this one, lie outside the reach of traditional comms networks leaving them completely in the dark. This can result in long drives (or even helicopter flights) to remote sites to keep track of their status and condition.

Having access to key operating parameters (such as temperatures and loads) is critical as the network becomes more congested and pressured. Many remote assets are typically not within traditional WAN or cellular network coverage which makes operation and management more difficult and expensive.

As this technology demonstrates, it is simple to get regular data downloads from equipment such as transformer monitors, online DGA, distribution network equipment and almost any system to help increase the visibility of the network for operational and maintenance purposes.

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