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Through continuous improvement initiatives, Dynamic Ratings prides itself on becoming ingrained in our clients’ business processes, creating opportunities for improvement in asset management which are themselves identified through feedback loops, post-implementation reviews, and the incorporation of best practices to enhance overall efficiency.

One of our flagship services, LIFESTREAM® allows for holistic lifecycle management throughout the entire run of your assets, from procurement and installation to operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning or replacement. This ensures optimal utilization and value extraction from assets.

As part of a holistic online performance monitoring system, LIFESTREAM® takes away friction points, silos, performance issues in certain departments, and undefined responsibilities in several key ways.

LIFESTREAM® includes a dedicated service desk or helpdesk to address user queries, issues, and support requests related to asset usage and functionality. This can include remote assistance, troubleshooting, and incident management.

Efficient management of relationships with vendors and suppliers is paramount, and LIFESTREAM®’s Customer Requirements Document allows Dynamic Ratings to negotiate contracts, ensure timely delivery of spare parts, and collaborate with external partners to meet service level agreements (SLAs).

Simplifying Project Panning with LIFESTREAM®

We help companies meet their objectives by assisting with design, simplifying project planning, and verifying that things work — so that our clients can better manage data, increase reliability of assets, improve safety of your workforce, which reduces loss of revenue and essentially eliminates downtime.

The LIFESTREAM® system ensures goals are met as well as guaranteeing program oversight to provide gapfill for our clients’ organizational needs. Asset management is more than just installing a monitor; successful asset management is a process flow of planning, designing, managing, implementing, verifying, and supporting.

We identify and help with conflicting priorities as the asset management process moves from department to department and stage to stage.

We eliminate variables and provide a service-oriented solution from pre-install support to QA and troubleshooting. We review all install plans beforehand and provide full service and support infrastructure, including site walks. Finally, we offer cradle-to-grave EOL support and transition guidance.

Dynamic Ratings project planning

Here are the six ways your company can rely on LIFESTREAM®:

1. Program and Process Planning

Our Principal Engineers are available to assist in the development of the foundational elements of your asset’s health program, providing assistance in the creation of program goals, engineering practice documents, equipment specifications, and response plans.

2. Designing

Once the foundational elements are outlined, Dynamic Ratings configures each system to collect, evaluate and transmit the required information in the format that fits the user’s current process. The configuration incorporates the nuanced differences that exist across various, differentiated asset designs to ensure the system provides the exact benefits intended.

Our Engineering Services include site walks and installation plans, as well as configuration and setup of all IEDs. Engineering designs include Dynamic Ratings equipment drawings, redlined customer schematic markups for construction, and documentation packages, and we will define monitor integration (SCADA), while also completing secondary designs, upgrades, and retrofits.

3. Project & Equipment Management

Our experienced project managers track systems through design and production to ensure delivery is on time every time. Our team manages field service scheduling and project planning. We coordinate the delivery of required job site materials and parts, we coordinate supplier reviews and reconcile expense reports, and we review field service test reports for open items and seek closure.

Dynamic Ratings Project and Equipment Management

4. Monitoring Hardware Implementation

Our LIFESTREAM® services monitor hardware deployment, and our experienced engineers undertake all work in a safe manner, observing relevant regulations and procedures. Our team coordinates the system implementation through new and retrofit installations, drawing redlines, producing site-specific installation drawings, as well as supervising installation.

5. Monitoring Equipment Verification

We offer services for monitoring hardware deployment. Our experienced engineers undertake all work in a safe manner, observing relevant regulations and procedures. Our team manages condition based monitoring system metrics and reporting against program goals, while performing commissioning and system testing. They also monitor and track hardware and firmware databases white documenting and tracking equipment.

6. LIFESTREAM® Support

Finally, our support team is always on standby and ready to help with condition assessment reporting, diagnostic support, guidelines for alarm response action plans, customized training classes and of course 24/7 asset monitoring support.

We offer Support through the entire life cycle of your assets, implementing key business processes.

Dynamic Ratings Monitoring Equipment

Utilities and Power Generation Market

In the bulk power market, Dynamic Ratings stands out because it brings the synergy necessary to work with client companies as well as their original equipment manufacturers, providing support by bridging the gap between transformer monitoring and OEM equipment.

Dynamic Ratings Training

Dynamic Ratings provides:

  • Benefits of working with OEMs on the drawing level
  • The ability to work within a company’s own supply chain and lead times
  • Support transformer monitoring on OEM partners
  • Standardization across new and old equipment
  • The ability to add on our equipment to main transformers, while still understanding end user needs

Use Case: Custom Transformer Control Cabinet Design

When considering the sheer volume of cabinets placed across all transformer OEMs, eliminating redundant components in making the entire system more cost efficient and reliable requires integration of all products involved.

While transformer OEMs have their own standardized design and component configurations, it is usually easier for them to utilize their own standards and to add in additional customer specific components on top of their standard designs, and often this is done without truly integrating the equipment. After all, if a company’s only building one transformer the engineering cost of integration outweighs the benefit of simplifying the design. But as soon as you have more than one transformer, it becomes necessary to standardize the system.

Dynamic Ratings Control Cabinet Design

Simplifies Drawing Review for New Transformers

Because each OEM has its own standard design, utility engineers often spend a lot of time providing detailed reviews on each and every new cabinet to force consistency that benefits utility. On the other hand, a custom control cabinets supplier gives utility engineers the ability to review one standard design, and once that design is approved, all future transformers can operate under that single standard.

Dynamic Ratings maintains a Customer Requirements Document that details all construction and instrument programming details with revision control. The benefits provided by working with a collaborative requirements document include:

Drawing Proposal
  • Ensuring that delivery of spare parts happens in a timely manner
  • Collaborating with external partners to meet service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Common Configuration between OEM and Retrofit designs.
  • Standard SCADA integration mapping
  • Uniform asset management alarm levels

This collaborative document manages all of the tech requirements and specs of each project, and ensures timeliness and efficiency at all stages.

Simplifies Future Support

Additionally, Dynamic Ratings tracks control cabinet instruments and sensor designs with reference to the individual serial number of the transformer. And once commissioned, the substation name is added to the record. This means that if there is ever a need to locate “all control cabinets that have the following component or setting or logic or …” this detail can be easily retrieved.

Easier Retrofits

Old transformers that are being updated to add monitoring or need new control cabinets installed due to aging wiring can utilize the same common control cabinet.

This often makes it cheaper and easier to replace the complete control cabinet rather than adding new cabinets and trying to interconnect the new monitoring equipment. In place of complicated wiring diagrams that need to be redlined with all new changes, new drawings would actually provide better accuracy, and reduce much of the engineering consultancy costs.

Chain of Custody

Because managing the chain of custody for digital equipment is such a common concern for a growing number of utilities, dynamic ratings makes sure to provide on-site commission of the control cabinets, making it easier to manage the entire process overall.

This reduces the hassle of multiple supplier coordination, while reducing the potential errors generated as design intent is passed from one company to the other. Additionally, single point accountability eliminates potential project delays and cuts excess installation costs.

Dynamic Ratings work on substation transformer

Maintaining Uptime in the Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable Energy is becoming a more prevalent part of the bulk energy system. This is driving the need to maximize uptime to deliver reliable power, maintain grid stability and maximize generation revenue.

Solar Panels

Asset monitoring of electrical equipment is a critical part of that strategy and working with an experienced partner to deliver on that solution can have a far greater impact on the bottom line than the initial first cost than the monitor itself.

In order to minimize outage windows and impacts to revenue, it is important to have an effective project management team and to manage standardization within a single plant, and to maintain a common look and feel for plant operations.

Project teams need to work closely together to make sure all the appropriate approvals and risks are understood when performing pre-outage work. This includes completing as much work as possible during pre-outage work dates.

LIFESTREAM® helps companies in the renewable energy sector monitor hardware deployment and integrates with DynamicMetrix™, the best digital asset management software available on the market. Our experienced engineers undertake all work in a safe manner, observing relevant regulations and procedures.

Successful asset management means more than just installing a monitor; it’s a process flow of carefully conjoined planning, designing, managing, implementing, verifying, and supporting.

Working within our clients’ supply chain and lead times, we learn how the customer does their work, and we follow their structure to manage multiple OEMs, creating standardization across new and old equipment. Combined with the insight provided by our Customer Requirements Document, Dynamic Ratings offers LIFESTREAM® Support Services to ensure successful asset monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of an asset.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch today.

Author: Tyler Willis, Dynamic Ratings

Dynamic Ratings product on a substation transformer