Single Point of Responsibility to Help Utilities

The Problem

A major utility was struggling to get results from their monitoring equipment that they had deployed. They had a variety of different types, brands and models of monitoring devices in the field. Many were specified on the transformer when it was purchased and some were added as a retrofit in the field, without consideration to company standards. Some were properly commissioned and others were not and may not have even been powered up. Some had communication connections that fed data back to the engineer who specified the product and others were not connected or were providing only minimal data. Most importantly, the goal and expectation of what the device was supposed to deliver was different between the person who specified the equipment, the person who project managed the site work and the people who would potentially use the information.

To gain alignment within the business, a pilot project was established to provide monitoring for transformers, breakers and battery system at a couple of the largest substation sites within their service territory. The utility needed a knowledgeable supplier who knew how to design, install, configure, commission and manage the substation hardware, communications equipment and asset health center software. The single point of accountability was critical to ensure that the system was going to work across all of the utility departments.

The Solution

In the bid proposal from Dynamic Ratings, there were multiple project recommendations provided. The proposal detailed multiple opportunities to improve the system design from a reliability, value delivered and cost perspective.

The utility reviewed the recommendations and worked collaboratively with Dynamic Ratings implementing those recommendations that fit their objectives. The recommendations included:

  • Leveraging of existing sensors and hardware wherever possible
  • Utilizing a Dynamic Ratings transformer monitor to consolidate information
  • Implementing Dynamic Ratings’ iBridge products to eliminate the need for trenching and fiber installation in the substation
  • Employing DynamicMetrix® data dashboard as an easy-to-use data visualization tool

Dynamic Ratings LIFESTREAM™ Support Services provided project management, coordination of the work performed by the consulting engineers, management/supervision of local union labor and the coordination of material suppliers. The single point accountability ensured that the various aspects of the project all connected and interacted as planned.