Reliability Achieved with Monitoring Deployment after Restructure

The Problem

A utility was in the process of restructuring to separate generation, transmission and distribution groups. The new transmission company knew the importance of implementing online monitoring for their assets, but they were concerned about the cost of maintaining a monitoring system. Their maintenance was subcontracted back to the original distribution utilities or third-party contractors so their options were limited for investigating alarms.

The utility needed a supplier who could provide a solution that delivered the monitoring benefits while not incurring additional O&M costs. They also needed guidance on system design and equipment selection. They were looking for a supplier who could assist with installation, commissioning and maintenance to support the system.

The Solution

Dynamic Ratings LIFESTREAM™ Support Services provided a system based on a “no false alarm guarantee.” Dynamic Ratings’ extensive experience helped them design and deploy a monitoring system that could deliver on this promise.

Dynamic Ratings completed the necessary qualification process needed to allow unescorted access to the substations.  They also worked with the utility’s IT group, allowing Dynamic Ratings to be alerted whenever there is an alarm and assume responsibility to resolve any false alarms without the utility incurring any cost.

Dynamic Ratings provided the design, installation and device configuration for all the monitoring equipment.  Dynamic Ratings’ experience with the various sensor suppliers and the aspects/approaches to monitoring provided the ability to choose the best products to meet the customer’s objective.

After years of deployment, the utility continues to benefit from the monitoring equipment and no additional staff has been added to the utility for managing their monitoring program. Dynamic Ratings’ experience and flexibility allowed this utility to establish a monitoring program to meet their unique goals.