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RTD-PD Module for Motors and Generators

Dynamic Ratings’ Resistive Temperature Detector Partial Discharge (RTD-PD) Module is specifically designed to detect partial discharge that occurs deep within the windings of motors and generators. Line-side coupling capacitors only identify PD levels close to the equipment terminals. When the RTD-PD sensor is used in conjunction with the coupling capacitor, the deflection zone is increased by the number of RTD’s monitored. This allows a more comprehensive view of the true condition of the machine’s insulation system. The RTD-PD Sensor is applied to motors and generators.

Increases Sensitivity to Partial Discharge Deep in the Winding

The machine resistive temperature detectors (RTDs) act as RF-antennas placed into a winding and are sensitive to the high frequency component of electromagnetic pulses caused by PD. PD pulses are decoupled from the RTD sensor by the Dynamic Ratings RTD-PD module.

Aids in Determining the Strength and Location of Partial Discharge in Rotating Equipment

RTDs improves data interpretation, helping determine if partial discharge activity exists throughout the winding or is localized in one area. Additionally, the RTD-PD module was designed to suppress noise interference and provide noise filtration, plus signal amplification for proper data analysis.

Non-Intrusive Installation

The RTD-PD module may be installed online without an outage. Temporarily disabling temperature alarms may be required.

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