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Rogowski Coil (ROGO Coil)

Rogowski Coil ROGO

Partial discharge (PD) activity is a leading indicator of insulation failure in high voltage insulation systems, especially in high voltage transformers. PD measurement in industrial environments requires noise filtering. The Dynamic Ratings Rogowski Coil allows for advanced noise rejection based on pulse polarity when used in conjunction with a BAU+ Sensor. With this added level of filtering, a transformer monitor can utilize lower frequencies to provide deeper “visibility” of PD within the windings.

Rogowski Coil and BAU+ Sensor

Rogowski Coil Benefits

  • Use materials proven to resist UV deterioration.
  • Are easy to install and are non-intrusive. A buckle strap is provided to allow quick installation.
  • Are available in multiple sizes to fit a wide variety of bushing diameters.
  • IP67 connections are well-suited for harsh environments.

Convenient Size Options are Available

There are several size options available for your convenience. Rogowski Coils are fitted to the base of the bushing below the bottom skirt/shed. Rogowski Coil sensors are selected by length to encircle the circumference of a bushing’s porcelain base.

Rogowski Coil Installation
Rogowski Coil installed on a bushing


Rogowski Coilss are used in conjunction with Dynamic Ratings Bushing Adaptor (BAU) sensors. Pulse polarity from both sensors is compared to determine signal direction.

The rogowski coil attaches to the preamplifier located in the BAU+ sensor via the IP67 rated connector. The rogowski coil signal is transmitted through the second coaxial cable to the PD monitor. The Rogowski Coil amplifier is powered by the PD monitor utilizing the same coaxial cable.

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