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Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensor (MMTS)

Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensor

The Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensor provides an easy method for measuring transformer top oil, bottom oil or load tap changer tank temperatures. MMTS devices are designed to be highly accurate and reliable. They provide a variety of sensor outputs and termination options to accommodate standard industry installation and use requirements.

RTD Probe

Accuracy by Design

Accuracy is delivered by design with an RTD sensor contact point that is the only thermally conductive part in contact with a transformer or tap changer tank. This feature removes any temperature influences of a tank surface event at extreme temperatures.

Easy to Install

MMTS devices are easy to install. Simply stick the magnet to the side of the transformer. There is no need for adhesive materials.

Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensor Installation
Installation of an MMTS

Quality Sensor

MMTS housings are manufactured using a high temperature, UV stable material. High temperature rated magnets are fully enclosed within the housing. No thermal loses occur near the measurement point yet the combined rated magnetic force of over 34 kg/ 75 lbs ensures no sensor movement, leading to consistent measurement at the desired tank location.

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