DynamicMetrix® is a sophisticated web-based monitoring solution for your power generation, transmission and distribution assets. Using this software, we help utilities collect and use condition-based monitoring information on their high voltage electrical equipment to improve their business performance.

The flexibility of this system offers unparalleled, cost-effective, asset monitoring. DynamicMetrix® is able to aggregate data not only from Dynamic Ratings monitors, but also from third party devices, seamlessly integrating readings and data into one easily view-able solution. Using web based technology, our product is designed to provide easily understandable information about asset status and health at a glance, whether it be current, historical and/or lab data.

With DynamicMetrix® , the overabundance of information is filtered down into easily actionable information, whether it be a split-second decision in a control room or a long-term business decision in the board room. This allows for greater flexibility and planning in maintenance, reductions in outages, overall optimization of assets, and promotes proactive maintenance as opposed cost-ineffective reactive maintenance.

An Intelligent Approach to Asset Management:

  • Situational awareness and prioritization of issues throughout the systems supports the Asset Management team to make intelligent decisions regarding investment levels and timing.
  • Real time analysis of all your condition data and recommended corrective actions before failure helps the Operations team improve reliability.
  • Integrated system information provides the Operations team the ability to maximize performance by dynamically rating assets without sacrificing life span or health.
  • Geospatial views and the ability to drill down to the asset and issue aids the Maintenance team to consolidate schedules in similar geographic proximity, and prepare to complete the required service.
  • Optimized maintenance planning improves safety through better situational awareness.

Athena Diagnostics Software

Athena Diagnostics Software supports Dynamic Ratings partial discharge and bushing monitoring systems for configuration, data storage and provides tools for presentation and analysis. Athena runs with the Windows® operating system.