A utility in Australia developed a plan to support grid modernization

The Challenge

Utilities around the world are feeling the effects of technological progress. Loads have increased and are less predictable, there is an uptake of electric vehicles, and distributed energy resources such as solar PV and vehicle to grid are examples of new dynamics straining the historically passive medium and low voltage distribution networks.

In Australia, solar power has become a way of life. Every day, thousands of people generate solar power at their home and sell that power back to the utilities. However, the original architecture of the network was designed to control power flow from generation stations to home not the other way around. Hosting capacity is difficult to determine, how much embedded generation can be put into the network before it makes the network unmanageable?

Across the globe, battery storage and electric vehicles are putting massive loads on the network during key points in a day. Utilities are looking for ways to gather data across the distributed network to make smart decisions about load management.


The Solution

A utility in Australia developed a plan to support grid modernization in their area. Their goal was to implement monitoring, run data analytics and give visibility to the network. To begin they reached out to Dynamic Ratings to help design a strategy that implemented ConnectGrid™ Smart Infrastructure Sensors in key points throughout the network. TTM Transformer Monitors were implemented at pole transformers. Sensors were added to EV chargers, PV solar controllers, and smart meters to begin gathering data into the ConnectGrid™ software.

The Result

ConnectGrid™ enabled this utility to run analytics and control methodologies to better manage their network. They are now using smart data to look at real-time situations, watch variables such as the weather, and control various aspects of the network to make sure it is all operating harmoniously. They can avoid voltage excursions and provide equitable use of the network between all network subscribers.

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