E Series - Dynamic Ratings

E Series


E-Series, Condition Based Monitoring Solutions 

The advanced design of the E-Series transformer monitoring solution provide users with many benefits:

Reliability Improvement: With improved on-line condition based monitoring data, users receive condition based alarms when problems first arrive allowing problems to be detected early and appropriate actions to be taken before problems escalate.

Maintenance Savings: The advanced analytics within the condition based monitoring system filters through the condition data to automatically identify issues requiring maintenance attention. This allows the Operations & Maintenance crews to focus on resolving problems and implement condition based maintenance programs rather than consuming resources to manually collect data for off-line condition assessment.

Realizing True Capacity: The real-time measurement of operational parameters allows the dynamic rating of the transformer to be determined and optimal performance realized.

E-Series Provides Comprehensive Monitoring, Control, and Communications:

E-Series is scalable and ideal for retrofit or monitoring upgrades as well as new transformer applications.

  • The Multi-Port Module allows up to eight feature specific modules to increase the scope and depth of monitoring.
  • Input / Output Modules allow the monitoring for alarm contact, switch positions, contractor status and more…  
  • Direct Fiber Temperature Sensing available to provide direct winding temperature measurement. This modular add-on provides an economical solution to closely monitor the winding hot spot on critical transformers collecting precise data to develop an optimally refined winding hot spot model.
  • Bushing Health Monitor Option allows for Continuous on-line monitoring of bushings provides asset owners with real-time information of bushing capacitance and power factor which can result in early detection of possible failure.
  • Partial Discharge (PD) Monitor Option directly measures electrical partial discharges in power transformers and electrical power apparatus. Connection to the bushing capacitance taps allows the system to seek unwanted activity much further inside the transformer.

E-Series Communication Hub

The E-Series is often the communication hub for all in-substation monitoring and control functions, providing a single, secure communication link to the customer network. The single link back to the control building can be serial or Ethernet. It can use Fiber, Copper, Radio or iBridge Inductive Couplers.

All E-Series systems are optimized when supplied with an iBridge IED Networking Solution. iBridge is the industries secure, reliable and economical solution, whether communicating between devices or to a control building.