Managing a large scale deployment

The Problem

A large utility created an asset health center initiative to help manage the critical infrastructure of their territory. Their goal was to optimize worker safety and efficiency by minimizing trips to site and knowing the nature of the problem before dispatch. Therefore, they were looking to invest substantially in 765 kV and 345 kV transformer sites, many with multiple transformers.

The utility was looking for a partner to commit to a multi-year program and assist with an aggressive installation and rollout plan. They were looking for a collaborative supplier with demonstrated experience, comfortable with system integration, planning, installation and third-party device integration.

The Solution

Dynamic Ratings was proud to provide all the needs and requirements of the utility. Our experienced LIFESTREAM™ Support Service experts provided a comprehensive solution including project management, hardware, planning, field installations, commissioning and training. Through routine project management interactions, system planning collaborations, and support, the utility successfully implemented an asset health system.

Their system combined third-party data system software application, historical database, monitored points, dual DGA data and expert system planning information to allow fleet assessment planning.