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Deliver Data Seamlessly with Continuous Reliability

iBridge Communication Solutoin

iBridge Communication Solution

Installing data connections in a substation can be expensive and time consuming. The Dynamic Ratings iBridge product saves time and money while avoiding the security concerns associated with wireless antenna systems. The iBridge inductively couples the data onto existing conductors, providing the ability to send serial and ethernet based data utilizing hardware that can be installed in just a few minutes.

The iBridge Networking and Communications Solution delivers data seamlessly from IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices), RTUs and cameras with continuous reliability. Networks can be configured as point-to-point or multidrop configurations. 128-bit encryption provides enhanced security. Existing AC or DC wires can be used, which eliminates the cost of trenching, permits and additional cables. Schematics often need no modifications. The iBridge reduces project installation time and cost, helping project managers complete projects on time and on budget.

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