Introducing the New Switchgear Monitor
  • November 17, 2021
  • News

Sussex, WI – Dynamic Ratings announced today the launch of a new Switchgear Monitor (SWGM). This revolutionary product for medium voltage apparatus’ takes best practices from the high voltage circuit Breaker Performance Monitor (BPM) and makes it available in a cost effective platform for switchgear. The Switchgear Monitor is capable of monitoring six bays within single monitor, making it scalable across all medium voltage switchgear lineups. Waveform capture technology is used for each bays trip and close coils, providing open, close, arcing and interrupting times. Motor starts, currents and run times are also monitored and recorded. Integration of partial discharge technology from the Dynamic Ratings Switchgear and Cable Monitor (SCM) product enables partial discharge monitoring of switchgear bus for PD tracking and faulty connectors providing the industry’s most comprehensive condition-based monitoring solution.

Switchgear Press Release Image

“One of the challenges facing critical power applications today is the need for comprehensive monitoring solutions beyond the transformer. Electric system reliability cannot be achieved when the most active component of a system is not being properly monitored for performance degradation. That is why the Switchgear Monitor and Breaker Performance Monitor solutions are so critical to power system reliability. Slow tripping operations make the rest of the system susceptible to unnecessary fault duty that puts electrical and mechanical stress on high value assets. This stress on assets accelerates aging, increases risk exposure to unplanned outages and risk of equipment failures, which is also a safety concern.”   Dan Roth – Sales and Marketing Director at Dynamic Ratings.

To learn more, visit our website or watch this webcast, Preventing Switchgear Failure Through Online Monitoring, presented on December 1st.