Dynamic Ratings Acquires Strategic Technology


Dynamic Ratings Announces Strategic Technology Acquisition to help Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) gain critical visibility of their network.

Dynamic Ratings expands its Utility IoT offering to help Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) gain critical visibility of their network through the acquisition of an innovative sensor and software platform from Operational Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.

With the many challenges DNOs are experiencing such as the growth of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), the need to have greater real-time visibility of the network is critical.

To meet this need, Dynamic Ratings has expanded its utility-hardened IoT sensing platform to further help utilities make better operational and strategic decisions with their network. This helps customers solve challenges such as fault identification, power quality, real-time network capacity, DER orchestration and voltage management.

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David Jellett, General Manager of Asia Pacific for Dynamic Ratings, said “We are excited with this acquisition to continue to be at the forefront of technology and to be able to help DNOs get greater visibility of their network. In my global role, I regularly hear the challenges DNOs have in being able to reliably capture, transmit and integrate data into useful information. This is our passion and strength.”

Dynamic Ratings Utility IoT platform known as ConnectGrid, provides a complete ecosystem of sensors, communications and software which includes 3 phase LV monitoring, distribution transformer monitoring, intelligent overhead line monitors, DREDs, IOT connectors for inverters and EV chargers.

Kevin Webster, Chief Executive Officer of Operational Technology Solutions, said “This strategic move and the further strengthening of the relationship between the two businesses means we continue to offer leading data analytics and operational technologies while being able to leverage Dynamic Ratings’ electrical asset knowledge and ability to capture and send critical information from around customer’s networks”.

For further information please visit our Smart Infrastructure Solutions informational page.

Dynamic Ratings is a global leader in continuous online monitoring and analytical solutions who have helped many customers leverage condition data from electrical assets to make data-driven operational decisions and find faults before they find you! Dynamic Ratings supports customers and the industry with subject matter expertise and field experience”