Partnership Illuminates the Power Network
  • November 3, 2020
  • News

Dynamic Ratings and OTS announce partnership to illuminate the entire power network

Dynamic Ratings and Operational Technology Solutions (OTS) announced a partnership to extend their flexible industrial IoT monitoring platform across the electrical utility space, enabling utility-grade sensing of any part of the power network.

OTS Partnership with Dynamic Ratings

The pairing of Dynamic Ratings’ deep experience of electrical asset monitoring and global industry involvement with Operational Technology Solution’s next-gen industrial IoT monitoring and analytics platform will extend Dynamic Ratings’ ability to monitor any asset or location across the power system. Through this distributed monitoring platform, Dynamic Ratings can now offer cost-effective sensors and data collection that targets medium and low voltage distribution networks, or any asset location where traditional SCADA may not reach. Operational Technology Systems’ platform brings a technology solution designed for and field-proven across many utilities and is ready for extension and adaption to meet new industry needs. Combining these sensors and data with a powerful analytics platform enables enhanced network visibility and asset condition monitoring possibilities to solve many issues that utilities are facing today.

As electrical utilities around the world grapple with the challenges of a changing power system – introduction or distributed energy resources, embedded generation, and uptake of electric vehicles – a move towards a data-driven approach is essential. Balancing ever-tighter budgets and infrastructure that reaches across vast regions, gaining data from the breadth of the network in a cost-effective manner has become more critical. By utilising low power wireless networks and flexible sensing systems, utilities are now able to gain better visibility of the further reaches of their networks and use this data to improve the safety, operation, and management of their business.

“I think that extending the ability to measure any parameter anywhere in the power system and then use this data to improve how the networks are being run is game-changing. I can’t wait to see how broad this impact will be,” said Dynamic Ratings’ Distributed Monitoring Product Manager, Seamus Allan. “We’re excited to be reaching a global market and seeing how our technology platform can change the face of network operations around the world,” says Operational Technology Solutions’ CEO, Kevin Webster.

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CONTACT: Seamus Allan, Product Manager – LV & Distributed Monitoring, [email protected]