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Video Tutorials and Resources

Athena Videos

How to Install Athena on your Computer

B Series Videos

What is a B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor?
How to Connect to a B100.
How to configure a B100.
How to Reset the Monthly Inspection Data.
How to Install a B100 ETM (Americas)

C50 Videos

Meet the C50 Transformer Monitor.
How to Connect to a C50 and Display Overview Information.

DM Series Videos

How to Replace the Battery on a Bushing Health Monitor
How to Replace the Battery on a DTM
How to Update DTM Firmware Versions
How to Terminate Coax Cables for the DM Series Sensors

E Series Videos

How to Update the E3 Using DR Toolkit
How to Grab Files from Your DR-E3

iBridge Videos

iBridge Communication Solutions
How to Configure iBridge Point to Point
How to Install an iBridge

Sensors Videos

How to Install a GIC Sensor

T3 Videos

How to Connect to and Grab Files from the DRMCC T3

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