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Monitoring Where It Really Counts

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Network Transformer Monitoring with the VaultSafe Transformer Monitor

Network transformers are located in underground vaults in cities throughout the world. Catastrophic failure of a network transformer can cause serious harm to the public.

Most network transformer monitors available on the market today only look at the main tank compartment. Yet most failures occur in the cable compartment!

The VaultSafe Transformer Monitor is a low cost solution that uses a single hydrogen sensor to sample the headspace in all three compartments of a network transformer. It serves as an early warning sign of incipient faults developing in network transformers.

Monitoring where it really counts!

How Do You Install a VaultSafe? Watch this video to find out.

VaultSafe Features and Benefits


  • Simple installation utilizing existing access point on the transformer.
  • Monitor is magnetic-mountable for easy retrofit applications.
  • Ethernet, serial and analog outputs are available.
  • Hydrogen sensor is calibrated to be representative of dissolved gas in oil readings.
  • Optional magnetic-mount RTD is available for temperature monitoring.
  • Four form C relays with NO, NC and COM terminals are available.


  • Provides continuous monitoring of the transformers main tank, switch compartment and cable compartment
    using only one sensor.
  • Monitors hydrogen gas and pressure in all transformer compartments which provides early detection of
    problems and greatly reduces the potential for failure
  • Monitor is maintenance free and self-calibrating.
  • Mitigates excessive pressure and vacuum conditions by equalizing pressure between all compartments
    using the unique design of the headspace adapters and manifold system.
  • Pressure is monitored across all three compartments preventing moisture or atmosphere ingress.
  • Monitor is completely submersible.