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Increase the Reliability of Your Transformers with OLTC Monitoring

According to a recent CIGRE Transformer Reliability Survey, on load tap changers (OLTC) have one of the highest failure rates of any transformer component! If an OLTC fails, a transformer cannot regulate voltage. Transformer Technology recently published an article on this subject.

OLTC Monitoring on Power Transformers

Key Parameters for OLTC Monitoring

  • OLTC Tap Position Tracking
  • OLTC Tap changer Differential temperature
  • OLTC Motor Energy+ Tracking
  • OLTC contact wear
  • Reversing Switch Operation
  • Traditional DGA and physical analysis (Lab) of oil in external compartment
  • DGA Ratios (Duval Triangle) of oil in external compartment
  • and more

OLTC Monitoring Webcast

Watch this webcast to learn about the common failure modes of the two main types of OLTC’s. Using FMEA techniques, we explore and share the results of various technologies that can be deployed to detect the symptoms of these failure modes before unexpected failures can occur.

On Load Tap Changer Monitoring for your Transformer

Tap Position Sensor & Display

The Tap Position Sensor is a robust single solution that connects directly to the tap changer on your transformer, using an industry-standard optical encoder to detect the position of the tap changer.

The backlit LCD display indicates the tap position of the load tap changer. The position can be relayed via an RS485 Modbus Connection or a 4-20mA analog loop.

E3 Transformer Monitor

Custom E3 Transformer Monitor

Designed, built and configured to deliver unique requirements. Our turn-key solution options include:

  • OLTC Monitoring
  • Bushing monitoring
  • Key or Multi Gas
  • DGA Analytics
  • Tap Changer Status
  • Partial Discharge
  • GIC
  • Harmonic & Fault Detection
C50 Transformer Monitor

Comprehensive C50 Transformer Monitor

Modular solutions combined to meet your needs. Solutions include:

  • OLTC Monitoring
  • Bushing Monitoring
  • Key or Multi Gas DGA
  • DGA Analytics
  • Tap Changer Status
  • GIC

Learn more here.

Did you Know You Can Purchase Online?

If you have a U.S. Mailing address, you can purchase a tap position sensor online. Simply visit the site, select your order option, and select checkout!