DRPD-15 Portable Partial Discharge Analyzer - Dynamic Ratings

DRPD-15 Portable Partial Discharge Analyzer

DRPD-15 Portable PD Analyzer

The DRPD-15 is a portable partial discharge analyzer featuring fifteen independent highly-sensitive, user-configurable input channels. This enables the analyzer to deliver the industry’s best signal-to-noise ratio. The DRPD-15 has the ability to store test results from multiple objects for uploading and further analysis, without the need for gain adjustments.

DRPD-15 in use

Lightweight Design

Designed with a rugged enclosure, the analyzer is lightweight and can be used in
harsh environments. The portable partial discharge analyzer’s design is versatile and able to be used with a connected computer or independently.

Effective on Many Applications

The DRPD-15 can analyze various types of electrical equipment including motors, generators, transformers, bus ducts, cable and switchgear. The analyzer’s advanced noise cancellation capabilities include the elimination of cross coupled signals.

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Designed for Compatibility

Designed for compatibility, the DRPD-15 will operate with existing PD sensors of many brands and makes. This allows for additional benefit by saving the purchasing, engineering and installation costs of new sensors. The DRPD-15 is powered by either line voltage or its on-board battery, making it invaluable in areas where an AC power source is not available.

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