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Distribution Monitoring

Dynamic Ratings helps utility and industrial customers improve distribution systems reliability, leading to increased maintenance savings and reduced outages. We design, manufacture and integrate innovative sensors, monitors, and controls for data collection, analysis, and diagnostics. With the use of our asset management tools, our customers realize maximum benefit from distribution monitoring.

We realize that a successful condition monitoring program must be built on a solid foundation that meets your needs.

Online Monitoring in the Substation

Distribution Monitoring Products

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor

B100 Series Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM) with Hydrogen

The pairing of Dynamic Ratings’ B100 with a hydrogen sensor introduces the most complete, cost effective transformer monitoring solution available for MV and LV transformers. The integration of these devices allows the asset owner to have real-time access to vital transformer data, such as

  • Top oil temperature
  • Calculated winding hot spot
  • Ambient temperature
  • Insulation loss of life calculation
  • Hydrogen monitoring

VaultSafe Transformer Monitor

Network transformers are found in highly populated communities servicing critical infrastructure such as hospitals, commercial buildings and public transportation systems. Failures of these transformers can be catastrophic, resulting in transformer damage, property damage, long outages and even injury or death. The VaultSafe (VSM) provides continuous monitoring of hydrogen in the headspace in a network transformer’s main tank, switch compartment and cable compartment giving utilities clear visibility into their vaults. The VSM is easy to implement and gives you instant remote access to your vault transformers.  Learn more about the VaultSafe Monitor.

VaultSafe Transformer Monitor Photo

SubSafe Hydrogen Monitor

Due to the tendency of hydrogen to be produced through a wide range of thermal conditions, online hydrogen monitoring is highly reliable as an early indicator of various internal transformer conditions ranging from partial discharge to the presence of active arcing. While historically measurements of hydrogen dissolved in oil has been the most common single gas method used for detecting these conditions, Dynamic Ratings’
SubSafe monitor measures hydrogen collected in the headspace of nitrogen blanketed transformers, taking advantage of hydrogen’s low solubility rates and higher in gas concentrations, to provide more consistent and reliable warnings as to the potential presence of incipient faults.

Distributed Monitoring

Distributed Network Monitoring

The distribution network is a huge asset, distributed over a wide area. While much of this asset hasn’t changed for decades, the use of it is changing very rapidly. With the introduction of distributed energy resources (DERs), reduced budgets and high performance expectations a new paradigm shift has been required to address the growing challenges.

Utilities now need data more than ever to make best use of their assets. Learn more about Distributed Monitoring.