Dynamic Ratings Accessories | Partial Discharge Sensors

Sensors and Accessories

Dynamic Ratings offers a wide variety of sensors to monitor the condition of electrical apparatus. We have patented designs, and manufacture our line of sensors to ensure that the highest quality and accuracy requirements are consistently achieved. These sensors and accessories convert the measured properties into a signal readily used by a transducer or an intelligent device such as a Dynamic Ratings Monitoring System.

Our sensors are designed to be highly sensitive and accurate to meet the needs of our customer’s applications. Dynamic Ratings sensors and accessories exceed industry standards for quality and performance coupled with ease of installation.

Bushing Sensors 

Bushing Sensors (BAU+)

Bushing Sensors are typically applied to bushings on power transformers and high voltage current transformers. The sensors provide both high frequency signal detection for partial discharge detection and low frequency detection for bushing monitoring.

Geomagnetic Induced Current Sensors

GIC Sensor

Geomagnetic Induced Current Sensor (GIC)

The substation hardened GIC-4 sensor is offered in fixed, split, and dual sensing cabinet packaging specifically designed for the measurement of geomagnetic induced currents in the transformer neutral ground connection. Split core models allow for rapid installation in energized applications.

Partial Discharge Sensors & Accessories

Coupling Capacitor

Coupling Capacitors

Coupling Capacitors are a versatile partial discharge sensor commonly used to detect PD in many applications including generators, switchgear, motors, isolated phase bus (IPB) and power transformers. We offer three voltage levels: 8, 16, and 28 kV.


Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS)

The Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS) provides non-invasive, directionally sensitive Partial Discharge (PD) detection in electrical equipment. It is designed to detect high frequency currents induced on the grounded surfaces of HV components like isolated phase bus duct enclosures, feeder cable shields of switchgear, HV cable terminations, etc.

Fiber Optic Temperature Module

Fiber optic temperature modules provide direct winding temperature measurement on critical transformer applications, including large auto, generator set-up, mobile or critical installation transformers. Modules are available for use with either ceramic phosphorescent tipped probes (Luxtron) or GaAs probes (FISO or other GaAs probes). Modules are typically bundled with the E3 or C50 Transformer Monitors, allowing an automatic comparison of the real-time measured temperatures to the advanced analytics calculations, providing the ultimate in accuracy


Radio Frequency Current Transformers (RFCT)

RFCTs measure PD in the ground circuits of a variety of electrical equipment. RFCTs are typically applied to grounded cable shields and the neutral connection on a large power transformer.

Rogowski Coil

Rogowski Coils

Rogowski Coils complement the bushing sensors to provide a directionally sensitive indication of PD activity, allowing the monitoring equipment to recognize the difference between internal PD sources and externally generated signals.

RTD for Partial Discharge

RTD-PD Modules

The RTD Partial Discharge sensor Modules utilize existing RTDs embedded within the windings of rotating equipment to provide additional winding coverage.

Tap Position Sensors

Tap Position Sensor

The Dynamic Ratings Tap Position Sensor is a robust single solution that meets stringent electrical standards to ensure reliable operation and long life. The Tap Position sensor connects directly to the tap changer on your asset, using an industry-standard optical encoder to detect the position of the tap changer and relay that information to your Dynamic Ratings E3 or C50 transformer monitor.

Temperature Sensors


Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensors (MMTS)

Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensors are designed to provide an easy method for measuring transformer top oil, bottom oil, or load tap changer tank temperatures. They are designed to be highly accurate and reliable while providing a variety of sensor outputs and terminal options to accommodate the user requirements.