Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Ratings

Conditioned Based Monitoring Basics

Why do we want to start online monitoring?

There are many reasons to begin online monitoring:

  • Safety for workers and the public
  • Extending the remaining useful life of units in service
  • Capital deferment, cost savings on buying new equipment
  • Reducing the risk of unexpected failures
  • Moving to conditioned based maintenance from time based maintenance
  • Safety for workers and the public
  • Less driving to remote sites and sending the right team to the site
  • Situational awareness of a unit’s condition before going near the unit

Who will benefit from online monitoring?

The main stakeholders are:

  • Maintenance groups – early warning of incipient defects
  • Operations groups – situational awareness for how much load the unit can sustain and how long it can sustain it
  • Assessment Management – understanding “risky” units and plan for replacement
  • Standards – write specifications for new units based on experiences of units in service

What should we monitor?

What to monitor depends a great deal on the answer to the first question of “why”. Some examples as identified through FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) are:

  • A vintage of bushings or on-load tap-changer have over time had an increasing failure rate due to many reasons: aged gaskets, latent design/manufacturing defects
  • Defective ancillary devices such as OTI and/or WTIs have degraded over time and are no longer working
  • Older units may be experiencing increased loading over time, can we keep increasing the load safely or is it time to plan a replacement?

Where should we monitor?

This answer depends a great deal on the answer to why and who. Some example answers may include:

  • Critical loads served: government buildings, hospitals, heavy use industrial loads, etc.
  • Increasing maintenance usually indicates units with either acute or critical deficiencies and need extra intensive attention before replacement
  • Generating facilities with few or no spares to replace units that unexpectedly fail.

Who can help me?

Dynamic Ratings is a one-stop full service conditioned based monitoring solution. Not only do we supply the “boxes” that are installed on the equipment, but we also have experts to understand the issues that will be unique to each situation.

We handle project management from start to finish to ensure that you meet your monitoring goals. We can also provide training and commissioning as needed.

Will your systems reduce jobs/employment?

No, our systems will increase safety for employees, productivity, and visibility of the assets. Our products provide real-time alarms and data that need to be monitored by employees.  Dynamic Ratings offers comprehensive training not only on the systems deployed, but the logic behind the functions and understanding of transformer operation and the physics that affect equipment in service.

Do your systems work with any transformer?

Our systems work with liquid immersed transformers.

Transformer Monitoring Products

Do I need an engineered to order solution or do I need a standard product?

It depends on you! We take the time to listen to all of our customer needs and find a solution that works for them. Each case is different and our experts are ready to help.

What are the differences between using the E3 and C50?

The main difference between these two products is the level of customization available. The C50 is user configurable and allows the user to make limited changes. The E3 is 100% customizable and is an engineered-to-order solution.

Talk to our people today about your needs and we can help find a solution that is right for you.

Does your product interface with third party IEDs?

Yes! Both the E3 and C50 can communicate to many IED’s.

Which communication protocols does your products support?

IEC 61850 (GOOSE and MMS), DNP, Modbus (ASCII and RTU)

Do you have a tap position sensor?

Yes! And we can communicate to many third party tap position sensors.

What do I do about moisture ingress in transformers?

We’ve written a handy application note to provide insight on this issue. If you have a Nitrogen-blanketed Transformer, check out this application note.

Do you have an analog gauge replacement?

We offer a B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor. For more information, visit our B100 product page.

Can we mount your equipment in an enclosure?

Yes. We offer enclosure options. We can also mount many third party devices in the same enclosures.

What size enclosures do you offer?

Dynamic Ratings offers many enclosures. Standard sizes include:

  • 20″ x 20″ x 10″
  • 24″ x 24″ x 10″
  • 30″ x 30″ x 12″
  • 36″ x 30″ x 16″
  • And 12″ x 10″ x 8″ auxiliary enclosure for cable terminations.

Please contact Dynamic Ratings if you would like to use a custom enclosure.

Partial Discharge Monitoring Products

What are the advantages to using your PD monitoring as compared to using other brands?

Our Rotating Machine Monitor (RMM) has the capability to see deeper into the winding than conventional practices using the RTD sensor. This gives customers greater visibility and helps them to make better decisions leading to a safer working environment. Read this case study about what we use to see deeper into the windings.

What is the difference between Classical, UHF and Acoustic PD monitoring?

One of our PD experts wrote this short white paper about the differences between the three types of PD monitoring. Enjoy!

Can you do PD for the grid/transmission lines?

No, we do not offer PD monitoring for the grid/transmission lines at this time.

What is the maximum length you can detect PD on the power cable?

The answer to this depends on several factors such as type of cable and measurement frequency. For more information, contact our experts who will be happy to answer your questions.

Dynamic Ratings Services & Support

Does your company provide turn-key installation services?

Yes! Please contact Dynamic Ratings if you have an inquiry of what services you need. For a list of the different types of services we offer, visit our Asset Management Services page.

Does your company commission third party devices?

Yes! We are able to install and commission many third party devices including DGAs. We are a one stop shop for services and support for all your transformer monitoring needs.

I have an issue, how do I get the support I need?

Contact your local support team:

+61 3 9574 7722
[email protected]

+1 262 746 1230 x2
[email protected]

+44 1617 681111
[email protected]