DGA Monitor Comparison Chart

Dissolved Gas Analysis monitoring is a major component of a comprehensive transformer monitoring system. Dynamic Ratings supports communication to all major DGA monitors. We recognize that DGA monitors have different advantages and no one product would be optimal for all customers. The following charts will provide you basic information on the various monitors available. If you have additional questions or would like further information please contact us, we would be happy to share our experience. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions for your transformer monitoring system.

Multi-Gas DGA Monitor Comparison Chart

Key Gas DGA Monitor Comparison Chart


For more information, consult DGA monitor manufacturer such as

Morgan Schaffer



(1) Calculation based on oxygen measure.

(2) Accuracy noted is the accuracy of the detectors during the calibration process. Dissolved gas in liquid measurement accuracy may also be affected by sampling and/or fluid type. Consult with the manufacturer of the DGA monitor for further details.