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Customized Control Cabinets for Power Transformers Makes Your Job Easier

Custom Control Cabinets make it easy for employees to do their jobs

Easier for Employees

With a custom control cabinets design, operations crews will become more efficient when working on equipment. The crew will find consistent components, layout and wiring in the control cabinets across all brands of transformers. Familiarity with the cabinets will also improve employee safety as all systems are the same.

Single Point of Responsibility

As your control cabinet manufacturer, we would be responsible for:

  • Monitoring and control logic
  • Support at the transformer factory
  • On-site commissioning of the system

This avoids your hassle of multiple supplier coordination. It reduces the potential errors generated as design intent is passed from one company to another. In addition,  single point accountability eliminates potential project delays and excess installation costs. Control cabinet wiring errors often require the OEM to return to the job site to fix wiring errors. This holds up other contractors including the Dynamic Ratings commissioning engineers who are commissioning the system. If the cabinet is supplied by Dynamic Ratings, any wiring issues can be resolved on site, keeping the project on time and avoiding costly return trips following OEM repairs.

Custom Control Cabinets Design

If you consider the volume of cabinets placed across all transformer OEMs, it is cost justifiable to fully integrate the products, eliminate redundant components and make the system more cost efficient and reliable.

Transformer OEMs have their own standardized components and designs. It is often easier for them to utilize their own standards and add in additional customer specific components over the top of their standard design without truly integrating the equipment. If they are only building one transformer, this makes sense as the engineering cost outweighs the benefit of simplifying the design. But if you need more than one transformer, it is justifiable to standardize the system.

Consistent Drawings for Custom Control Cabinets

Simplifies Drawing Review for New Transformers

Since each OEM has their own standard design, it time consuming for Utility Engineers to provide detailed reviews on every new cabinet and to force consistency that will benefit the utility. With a custom control cabinets supplier, the utility engineer(s) can review one standard design and once approved, all future transformers would utilize that one standard. Dynamic Ratings maintains a Customer Requirements Document that details all construction and instrument programming details with revision control.

Custom Control Cabinets make support calls easier

Simplifies the Future Support

Control cabinet, instruments and sensors designs are tracked by Dynamic Ratings with reference to the serial number of the transformer. Once commissioned, the substation name is added to the records. If there is ever a need to locate “all control cabinets that have the following component or setting or logic or …” this detail can be easily retrieved.

Easier Retrofits

Old transformers that are being updated to add monitoring or need new control cabinets installed due to aging wiring can utilize the same common control cabinet. Often it will be cheaper and easier to replace the complete control cabinet instead of adding new cabinets and interconnecting the new monitoring equipment. Instead of complicated wiring diagrams that are redlined with all the changes, new drawings would provide better accuracy while avoiding much of the consulting engineer cost.

Help Control Your Supply Chain with Standardized Control Cabinets

Supply Chain Management for Digital Equipment

Managing the supply chain for digital equipment is a concern for a growing number of utilities. In May 2020, Executive Order 13920 was enacted in the United States about securing the bulk power systems. NERC CIP-013 also addresses supply chain risk management. However, digital equipment can be often overlooked when assessing supply chain management.

Dynamic Ratings mitigates this risk by building and testing complete Control Cabinets.  Since there is a window of vulnerability in transit and during factory transformer testing, we build an identical and certified “clean” set of instruments to swap once the transformer reaches the customer site. The original instruments are cleaned and available to support the next order in sequence.

We will:

Support the OEM: Dynamic Ratings manufactures the control cabinets with all of the instruments needed for factory testing. All of the instruments are configured as needed for that transformer prior to shipment and Dynamic Ratings provides any support for the OEM.

Secure the Device: Dynamic Ratings will provide a second set of pre-configured instruments to the end utility for their security testing. Once the security testing is completed, these instruments will be brought to the job site by the utility.

Reclaim and Prepare for the next: Dynamic Ratings will reclaim the transformer factory test controls (bringing them back for use with the next transformer order) and will install the security verified instruments.