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Most Affordable Transformer Monitor on the Market

The B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor with the hydrogen sensor provides temperature and key gas monitoring in one simple, low-cost solution. Watch this video on how hydrogen monitoring with the B100 can help you.

Old Temperature Gauges are Unreliable

Gauges are known to stick, leaving the transformer unprotected. The B100 can replace up to five mechanical gauges. It has a robust design, and in the unlikely event that there is a problem, the device generates an alert, ensuring the problem can be corrected.

Old gauges that do not work properly

A B100 Makes Your Job More Efficient

  • Easy to install, no software is needed
  • Easy to read, the LCD display can be seen from up to 60 feet and can be read in bright sunlight or at night.
  • Easy to configure, remotely or on site
  • Easy to maintain

Designed for Durability

The cast aluminum, powder coated enclosure is designed to be rugged and durable to protect against harsh environments created by water, dirt, dust and temperature extremes. It is treated with a chromate conversion process that helps that monitor have a long life expectancy (20+ years), even in harsh environments. No calibration is required to maintain accuracy.

The B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor display has anti-UV coating technology which means that even in bright, direct sunlight the display is easy to read and has good contrast.

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor in -1 degree weather
Key to Monitoring Hydrogen

B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor Now with Hydrogen Monitoring

Watch this video to learn about the keys to monitoring hydrogen on a power transformer.

Ready to Take A Closer Look?

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B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor

Did you Know You Can Purchase Online?

If you have a U.S. Mailing address, you can purchase a B100 Electronic Temperature Monitor online. Simply visit the site, select your order option, and select checkout!